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Crock Pot Recipes – Ideas for Cooking with a Slow Cooker

Most busy homemakers love easy recipes, and you truly can’t get much easier than crock pot recipes.

If you asked me (and many cooks) the question: “What is one cooking appliance that you cannot do without,” my guess is that the most popular answer would be “My crock pot, of course!”  A slow cooker saves cooking time and make the house smell great. These 40+ Crock Pot Recipes will give you a different one to try each day of the month!

Crock pots, also commonly referred to as slow cookers, make the task of getting dinner on the table an easy one. (Not all slow cookers are crock pots though!)

All you need to do is load the crock pot in the morning and get on with your day. The house will smell wonderful later in the day and many crock pot recipes don’t even need any additional tasks doing once the cooking is finished.

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Why use a Crock Pot to cook?

Crock pots save energy and tenderize meats. They generally need no babysitting (and don’t like it if you do). A crock pot frees up your oven and is easy to clean up, especially if you use crock pot liners.

With all these things going for them, it is no wonder that crock pots are so popular.

Crock Pot Recipes Index

Here is a list of over 20 crock pot recipes that I make all the time.  The list is ever growing, especially this time of the year, when I usually add a new recipe to the list at least once every few weeks.

Be sure to keep checking back for new crock pot recipe ideas!Beef Crock pot recipes

Crock Pot Beef Recipes

Crock pot Chicken RecipesCrock Pot Chicken Recipes

Crock Pot Pork RecipesCrock Pot Pork Recipes

Crock Pot Fish and Seafood RecipesCrock pot Fish and Seafood Recipes

Crock Pot Meatless RecipesCrock Pot Meatless Recipes

Crock Pot Chili Recipes

Crock Pot Chili Recipes

Crock pot soup recipesCrock Pot Soups

There are all sorts of sizes and styles of crock pots, as well as many accessories to go with them.  These are just a few of them.

Crock Pot party recipesCrock Pot Party Recipes

How about some Crock Pot Recipes – Round up Style?

Have you had less than stellar results with your crock pot? If you have, perhaps you are making one of these 15 Common Slow Cooker Mistakes.

My tips may just tell you exactly what you need to know to make sure that your crock pot recipes turn out perfectly every time.

Looking for even more Crock Pot Recipes?  Be sure to visit my Crock Pot Cooking Board on Pinterest.Crock Pot Cooking Board on Pinterest