Easy Recipes for for Finger Foods

Try some of these appetizers at your next party

My favorite kind of party is one where there is finger foods.  I enjoy this either as the host or as the guest.   Appetizers are a great way to start your party on the right foot and get your guests in a good mood.

Start your holiday parties with one of these tasty appetizer recipes.

As the hostess, serving appetizers gives me a chance to circulate and talk to people and still get all the Party stuff done. As a guest, I just like a little bite of a variety of things and not a whole meal, especially if I am standing for a while.

Here are a few finger foods to try at your next party.

Guacamole, a popular party appetizerNo party is quite complete without a scoop or two of your favorite guacamole dip and chips.  This recipe is super easy to make and always a hit at my holiday parties.

Spicy Chickpeas appetizer.Spicy Chickpeas Appetizer – Get the Recipe –>> Martha Stewart.

Meatball cupcake appetizersMeatball Cupcake appetizers – Shared from Look then Cook.

Bacon Wrapped Potato appetizerBacon Wrapped Potato Appetizer.  Shared from Martha Stewart

Mini Potato Bites appetizerMini Potato bites Appetizer – Shared from Remodelaholic

Mini burger Potato bite appetizerMini Burger and tomato on a waffle fry.  Shared from Better Homes and Gardens

6 Great Appetizer Recipes

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