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Disclosure Page – The Gardening Cook

Disclosure PolicyI blog because I enjoy writing, I always have.  I do not do it because it makes me money, but more for the pleasure of writing about what I love – cooking, DIY and gardening, and also sharing tips with my readers.

Yes, it’s nice when I am surprised to see a deposit from an affiliate payment in my bank account, but compared to the hours spent, it’s not really “making” money.  (I’ve even heard it referred to as “welfare for bloggers.”)

Yet I feel that if I am to make the best use of the time I spend doing what I love (blogging), I should make use of affiliate programs to recommend the things I love as well.  This does give me a tiny bit of income – and also helps my readers to find products they may love too!

The display ads and other style ads in the sidebar help pay for part of our internet connection.

Also when you click on certain affiliate links in some of my posts on this site, I make a small percentage here and there when you purchases something from the site during your visit there, but the price is the same for you.

Please note that if I post an affiliate link to a product, it is something that I personally use, support and would recommend without an affiliate link.

Thanks so much for reading The Gardening Cook and if you ever decide to purchase something through any of my affiliate links, thank you also for helping support my site!