Guide to Perennials – How to Grow Perennial Plants

For a gardener, there is nothing quite like the feeling of wandering around your garden, in the spring, and seeing the first growth of perennials that you have planted years before.  These plants die back in the winter but send out new growth each spring.   Growing Perennials gives me color and beauty all through the spring and summer months.This guide for growing perennials gives tips and trips for plant types and how to grow, propagate and display them.This guide to perennials is a great source for helping you to identify which plants are the most hardy, which flower the most profusely, and also which do well in the sunshine or shade.

There are lots of ideas for dividing perennials (the main source of propagation) and also tips for growing these plants in containers on a patio if you don’t have a lot of garden space outside.  I will add to this guide several times each month, so be sure to check back often to see which plants and which tips have been added recently.

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A Guide To Growing Perennials.

This guide is broken down into the identification of various perennial types, as well has sun and light conditions.  Many of the most commonly asked questions by my readers have been covered, as well.

Varieties of Perennials.Perennials are easy to care for and come back year after year.

Perennial BulbsPerennial bulbs will give you early and sometimes all season splashes of color year after year.

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Bulbs are some of my favorite perennials. Once planted they reward you with early spring color and sometimes even re-bloom later in the summer.

RosesVariegated Roses will come back year after year, just like other perennials

Roses come back year after year too! All of my roses have been growing for many years. I prune them in the spring and enjoy color all summer long.

Growing Tips for Perennials. Want color all season long with plants that return year after year? Try growing perennials.

Recommended Books to help with Growing Perennials.

If you are really interested in growing perennials, these books cover the topic in lots detail.

I also recommend PlantSnap mobile app for perennial identification.

Find out about PlantSnap mobile app here.

Tips for the Propagation of Perennials.Tips for propagating all types of plants including perennials

Growing Perennials in Containers.Perennials can be grown in planters too. See some creative ideas on the Gardening Cook

If you are looking for more information on growing perennials, be sure to visit my Perennials Pinterest Board.

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