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Wednesday 10th of August 2022

Hi Carol, I see you have a blog post on growing herbs indoor. Do you have any recommendations for someone who wants to grow some plants indoors that aren't herbs. I'd like to grow some calendula and maybe helichrysum indoors. I was too late to the party and didn't grow any in the garden. What kind of pot? Will this work indoors if they are in the sunlight? Thank you!

Carol Speake

Sunday 14th of August 2022

I have not grown either indoors so can't give advice on them.

edgar j siptroth jr

Monday 4th of July 2022

a rabbit eat the flower stem off my minuteman hosta will it grow back

Carol Speake

Tuesday 5th of July 2022

Once the stem is gone, it won't grow another flower. The plant may send up another shoot with a new flower though.


Wednesday 22nd of September 2021

Hi Carol,

Thanks for the link to a natural killer for Creeping Charlie. However, to be fair, the link that you mentioned from the University of Iowa is actually from Iowa State University and Richard Jauron in the Department of Horticulture.


Judith Slater

Monday 29th of March 2021

Hi Carol: love your list of tried and tested perennials. Can I print it to give to clients if I put your name on it? We hope you have your website on our short list of websites for gardening information on our website that is currently under construction. We work with mostly new gardeners, who want tried and tested. Cheers, Judith and Tracey of The Gentle Gardener

Carol Speake

Monday 29th of March 2021

My blog posts are not allowed to be printed out and used for uses with companies. This is copyright infringement.


Monday 8th of March 2021

Hello Carol I have subscribed and like your website. Can you kindly clarify something for me in your ginger growing section; in your column you mentioned about sowing the rhizome about 25mm ( ~ 1" )deep but some subsequent pictures show the sprouted rhizomes being above the soil, following your advice should these exposed rhizomes be covered with soil?. Incidentally I grow two varieties of ginger: one is Galangal or soft ginger and the other is "old" ginger which some people incorrectly label as being fibrous. Correct me if I am wrong but I think the "fibrous" ginger is caused by harvesting too late. Can I post pictures and where do I do that please.

Carol Speake

Tuesday 9th of March 2021

Rhizomes will often expose themselves above the soil as they grow larger. Top dressing helps to cover them and keep them under the soil. I am not sure on the fibrous ginger being caused by harvesting too late. Perhaps another reader can chime in on this.