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Gardens of Kyoto Japan

Famous Gardens of Kyoto Japan

Beauty in nature – The Famous Gardens of Kyoto Japan Kyoto Japan is jam packed with stunning Japanese gardens, and it is a must visit in any Japan itinerary.  If you love beautiful gardens and large temples, this place needs to be on your travel bucket list. Source: Wallpapers images The gardens, often part of…

Growing Dianthus Barbatus (Sweet William) and Other Garden Pinks

How To Grow Sweet William - Dianthus Barbadus

Sweet Williams have pretty fringed flowers that grow in a cluster on top of a long stalk. Dianthus Barbatus is a lovely variety of the dianthus species. These growing tips will help you to get it going in your garden. Fragrance Carnations and pinks have a strong fragrance with a spicy scent. Sweet William, however, bears…

Growing Tulips in Warmer Climates

Growing Tulips in warmer hardiness zones can be challenging but it is possible. Find out how: thegardeningcook.com/growing-tulips

Tulips are showy flowers that are classified as perennial bulbs, but they can be somewhat tricky to grow in warmer climates.  Not impossible, but growing tulips in warm climates is a challenge for sure. Tips for Growing Tulips when the Temperatures are Warm. Tulips are considered a true bulb.  Not all flowering bulbs are actually…