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13 Garden Bloggers Share Creative Container and Planter Ideas

What is better than an idea for a creative planter?  Why, 13 of them, of course!  I recently asked some of my gardening friends to share their creative planter and container ideas and they did not disappoint. 13 Gardeners share their creative container ideas

Their ideas are a cascade of fun and will add a great look to any garden setting. Many are DIY projects that can be made from recycled or re-purposed household materials that might otherwise have gone to a trash heap.  With a bit of elbow grease and some creativity, you can use their ideas to come up with something similar for your garden.

Creative Container and Planter Ideas for your Garden

What I like best about these projects is that no two are alike and that is the aim of garden art.  Why have a garden accent that is just like the one your neighbor down the street has, when you can take an idea and adapt it to your own personality and have a one of a kind creation?


The ideas shown here include a lovely chair planter, a cowboy boot creation for succulents, hypertufa hands, a mini garden scene in a wooden barrel and so many more ideas. ………..

Here is a list of the projects in this garden roundup.

  1. Give charm to an old weathered chair – by Carlene of Organized Clutter.
  2. Nestle some succulents in these hypertufa hands  – by Jacki of Blue Fox Farm.
  3. Old Wooden Barrel with mini toys is a garden delight – by Lynne at Sensible Gardening and Living
  4. Wall Planters and wrought iron accents – By Melissa of Empress of Dirt.
  5. Cowboy boot planter and succulents go together so well – By Carol at The Gardening Cook
  6. Wheelbarrow planted with Lantana and Creeping Jenny – by Barb of Our Fairfield Home & Garden.
  7. Obelisk planter with ivy – by Heather of New House, New Home, New Life.
  8. Fall window box planter – by Barb of Our Fairfield Home and Garden.
  9. Wheelbarrow, Galvanized Buckets and Washtub wringer planter – from Carlene of Organized Clutter.
  10. Cracked birdbath planter – by Melissa of Empress of Dirt.
  11. Vintage Silver Planters – by Stephanie from Garden Therapy.
  12. Window box with sweet potato vine – from Judy of Magic Touch & Her Gardens on Facebook.
  13. Jack-0-Plantern from Stephanie of Garden Therapy.

Please visit each site for project instructions and/or more inspiration.

1.  Carlene of Organized Clutter used a thrift store angel  and spoon to add a lovely touch to her weathered chair and came up with a lovely planter.  The finishing touch is the addition of hot pink superbells calibrachoa hybrid.

Angel and spoon grace this weathered garden chair.

2. Jacki from Blue Fox Farm has an interesting project:  hypertufa hands made from surgical gloves and your favorite hypertufa or soil cement mix.  The sweet little sempervivum succulents are just perfect for this garden container.

Hypertufa hands and succulents

3.  Lynne at Sensible Gardening and Living has a very whimsical idea. She combined an old wooden barrel for her planter and added some small garden accents to come up with a mini garden scene.

Mini Garden scene in a wooden barrel planter

4.  Melissa at Empress of Dirt had a plain brick wall at the front of her house that needed something to  add color and interest. She used wall planters and black wrought iron accents for a great effect.

Wall planters with wrought iron accents make a great addition to a plain brick wall.

5.  Carol at The Gardening Cook (guess who!) combined a group of succulents to this colorful metal cowboy boot for a fabulous Southwest look.  

Red metal cowboy boot and succulents make a great Southwest look.

6.  Barb at Our Fairfield Home & Garden planted her wooden wheelbarrow with creeping Jenny and Lantana.  I love the addition of the bird house too!

Wooden Wheelbarrow with Creeping Jenny and Lantana.

7. Heather of New House, New Home, New Life used a wonderful iron obelisk that she found at a thrift store.  She planted it with lime green potato vine and English ivy for a stunning look!

If you like more of the idea of a wooden obelisk, I have a tutorial showing how to build an obelisk from scratch. It’s easy to do and can be completed in an afternoon.

Iron obelisk planter with lime green potato vine and English ivy.

8.  Another great idea from Barb of Our Fairfield Home and Garden.  Fall inspired window box with  kale, aster, small gourds, hay and dried blooms and seed pods from her garden. What a lovely way to welcome in the cool weather!

Fall window box welcomes the warm weather

9. Carlene from Organized Clutter has made a wonderful planter by using an old wooden wheelbarrow, a couple of galvanized tubs and a sweet vintage washtub wringer.  I want your wheelbarrow Carlene!

Wheelbarrow planter with washtub wringer

10. Do you have an old cracked birdbath, or one that you are just tired of cleaning?  Recycle it as a planter like my friend Melissa did at Empress of Dirt.

Cracked bird bath recycled as a planter

11. Stephanie from Garden Therapy has this fabulous idea for silver planters.  Using vintage silver pots, she planted succulents and came up with a formal but lovely group of planters.  The silver gets a patina over time and this just adds to their beauty!

Vintage Silver planters.

12.  This window box from Judy of Magic Touch & Her Gardens on Facebook is planted with lime green sweet potato vine for a lovely contrast to the gray of the wall and window behind it.

Sweet potato vine in a window box.

13. Lucky number 13 is a DIY project called “Jack-O-Plantern” from Stephanie of Garden Therapy.  The grasses, ornamental kale, and succulents are just perfect in this planter! I’d love to have this on my porch this Halloween.

DIY Jack-O-Plantern

I hope that this page has given you some ideas for your next creative project.   Be sure to come back soon.  My garden friends and I will be hosting a series of round ups over the next few weeks with many innovative and creative projects to come.

13 Gardeners share their creative container ideas

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Carlene@Organized Clutter

Tuesday 20th of August 2013

It looks great Carol. My wheelbarrow is probably my best find ever!


Tuesday 20th of August 2013

I am so jealous of that wheel barrow. I've been searching for an old one for forever!


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