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The Garden Charmers Trick and Tips

The Garden Charmers on Facebook are a diverse group of ladies with one common theme. They love nature and gardening.

I asked the ladies in the group to share their top tricks and tips.  Some gave me gardening tips. Some had home and decor tips. All were great ideas to save you time and energy, and perhaps save some money too!

The tips and tricks in this post are shared by these ladies in the group.

The Garden Charmers share their top tips and tricks.,

10 Garden Charmers Share Their Top Tips

The ideas in this article come from these bloggers:

Country props from Organized clutter in a residential setting.Carlene from Organized Clutter is the first to admit that she lives in a residential cul-de-sac in a smallish town.  There are no country fences, no old barns, no barn wood, no meadow, no great garden backdrops, period!

So to create the country, cottage, rustic, junk garden look she strives to achieve, she has to pull in some props.   She how Carlene achieves this rustic look in suburbia at Organized Clutter.

Magic Touch Bathroom renovation.Judy from Magic Touch and her Gardens has not had much time to garden this year, but she has had time to do a great bathroom renovation.

Judy loves blue cobalt glass and the color blue is a great look in her new bathroom.  See her progress in her article Magic Touch and her Bathroom.

Presoaking seeds give great garden results.Melissa has the gorgeous garden shown above, but getting these results when you start with seeds as she does can be hit and miss.

Her #1 tip is to soak your seeds first.  See more of her seed starting advice at The Empress of Dirt.

How to Propogate Laveander for free plantsWhat gardener does not like the word free?  Tanya shows us how to get a ton of new lavender plants simply by taking cuttings.

See her tutorial at Lovely Greens and you will be starting next spring with fresh lavender plants already to put in your garden!

 Just what is sensible gardening, anyway?

Are you a sensible gardener asks Lynne?  What does that term mean anyway?  Lynne from Sensible Gardening has 10 criteria that must be met for one to be a sensible gardener.

Find out her tips at Sensible Gardening and Living.

Preparing your succulents for the winter.Jacki is the undisputed queen of succulents. What this lady doesn’t know about how to care for these delightful plants is not worth knowing!

Each year I wonder what to do with my succulents outside here in NC.  Jacki has the answers over at Drought Smart Plants.

Making hose guides from Curtain rodsWhen I first asked Barb for her best tip, she thought she didn’t have anything to offer.  But then  she remembered this great project.

Barb actually made these stylish hose guides from curtain rods. How creative is that. See her project at Our Fairfield Home and Garden.

How to Make Cut Flowers LastMost gardeners have a love of flowers, and that sometimes includes cut flowers for indoors.

Nothing is worse than cutting  your prize garden flowers, only to have them wilt in no time at all.  Stephanie has tricks to help with this problem.

Find out how she makes her cut flowers last at Garden Therapy.

Dozens of uses of tea bags in the home and gardenIt is now my turn.  I have several tips that I could offer  but when I posted this on my Hometalk page, I got so many comments and shares from it, that I thought it would be a good one to include.  See my ideas for dozens of uses of tea bags. 

Many of these tips came from readers of this blog and my Gardening Cook Facebook page.

Now you have seen our tips and tricks.  How about you?  Do you have home decor, or gardening tips that you would like to share with us?  Please leave your comments below.

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