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Garden Seating Areas – Favorite Places to Sit, Hide and Dream

Garden seating areas are a place to site, to hide or to dream. Which of these ideas come to mind when you think about your garden seating areas?

A garden sitting area can mean something very different, depending on the person you ask and their perspective. It can be as simple as two chairs on a small patio, or as grand as an outdoor dining area under a pergola.

No matter the style of the seating area,  these calm and inviting spaces are meant to draw you into your garden area as places to relax and and enjoy your  garden surroundings.

Gardens are meant to be viewed.  Most of us spend a great deal of time very close to the plants as we tend them, but seating is a very important aspect of any garden setting. 

They give you a chance to sit, to ponder and to enjoy your work.

They can be whimsical, practical or have a hint of promise, like those seating areas at the end of a path, promising something unexpected just around the next corner.Garden bench in front of a lushly planted garden setting.

Relax in style in one of these Garden Seating Areas.

I asked my gardening friends from The Garden Charmer page on Facebook to share their favorite seating areas. 

They came up with a wonderful array of peaceful, colorful and unique seating areas. 

Here is a list of the projects in this garden seating area roundup.

10 charming garden seating areas to sit, to read, to dream

  1. Add charm to your front entry with vintage items– by Carlene of Organized Clutter.
  2. Paving stones and wooden Chairs DIY Project  – by Jacki of Drought Smart Plants.
  3. Old Wooden garden bench with a built in bird house is a garden delight – by Lynne at Sensible Gardening and Living
  4. Garden  bench on a shady garden walkway – By Melissa of Empress of Dirt.
  5. Three special spots, all with meaning– By Carol at The Gardening Cook
  6. Front porch overlooking a path and gardens  – by Barb of Our Fairfield Home & Garden.
  7. Got pallets?  Make a patio day bed – by Tanya of Lovely Greens.
  8. Purple iron seat and table – from Judi of Magic Touch and Her Gardens.
  9. DIY wooden bench project – From Sue of Flea Market Gardening.

1. Carlene of Organized Clutter has a wonderful seating area on her front porch that is decorated with many vintage items.

The beauty of her seating area is that it can be changed from season to season to give a fresh new look.

Charming front entryway with vintage memorabilia.2.  Jacki of Drought Smart Plants has a wonderful tutorial for creating a small patio.  It is just large enough for two wooden chairs and a small table.

This space is a great place to relax with a cup of coffee, or to read a favorite magazine.  

Find out how to make one of your own at Drought Smart Plants.

flag stone patio DIY

3.  Lynne at Sensible Gardening and Living has a rustic seating area that uses an old wooden garden bench complete with a built in bird house!   

I wonder how often she sits there with the birds right near by? 

Wooden garden bed with built in bird house.

More garden seating area

10 Lovely Garden Settings4.  Melissa from Empress of Dirt has a wonderful blog post on her website showing seating areas from many gardens that she has toured. 

This one is one of my favorites.  The idea of a bench on a shady path is one that I want to incorporate into my back yard as my garden beds grow. 

You can view Melissa’s collection of seating areas at Empress of Dirt.

Seating area in a shady walkway.

5. Carol at The Gardening Cook has three special seating areas in her yard, and all have a special meaning for her. 

You can view the story behind each of these areas on The Gardening Cook.

3 Seating Areas with Spoecial Meanings

6. Barb at Our Fairfield Home and Garden has a wonderful place to enjoy her morning coffee on her porch.  It gives a view of her path and garden beds.

What a delightful way to spend the first part of the day.

See more from Barb’s garden seating areas on My Fairfield Home and Garden.

Porch with area for morning coffee.7. Tanya of Lovely Greens has a patio area that needed lots of seating space.

Her answer was using some pallets and an existing day bed mattress to make a patio day bed that is the perfect place to over look her chicken run. 

You can view the tutorial on Lovely Greens.

Patio Day Bed.

 8. Judy of Magic Touch and Her Gardens has a lovely purple table and chair. Judy says it is a place for her to photograph her quilts.  

Also perfect for a morning cup of coffee in that over-sized coffee cup too!

Purple iron settting is perfect for a morning coffee,especially in an oversized coffee cup!

9.  What could be better than sitting with a glass of wine on a hilltop, overlooking a fabulous scenic view, on a wooden bench that you built yourself.

That is exactly what Sue of Flea Market Gardening has in her DIY wooden bench for free tutorial.

See her project here.

DIY project for a wooden bench.

 Whether it be rustic or formal, simple or grand, these garden seating areas do one thing – they give the gardener a place to relax and enjoy their gardening endeavors.

What is your garden seating area like?  Please leave your comments below.

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