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My Garden In March – Spring has Sprung (or at least it is trying to)

It’s time to check out my garden in March to see what is blooming for me.

This has been the longest winter ever.  I used to live in Maine and am used to long, cold winters.

But here in North Carolina, normally, I have a lot of things growing, especially vegetables, by this time in March.

Not this year though.  It teases me into thinking it is spring and then we get another few days below freezing.  Enough is enough.  I am ready to be out there planting! 

With spring is just around the corner and daylight savings on the horizon, I thought a small garden tour was appropriate.

My garden in March. Lots of pretty blooms even this earlyAre you ready for spring?  Check out my early spring gardening check list here.

There are a few hopeful bits of promise.  My crocuses had come and gone and I’m just starting my early round of the first spring bloomers.  But it is a good 2-3 weeks later than normal for us.

 Now if the cool weather means that summer won’t be quite so hot, I will stop complaining, but I’m not holding my breath on that one!

Here are some photos that shows what is actually in flower, or about to be.

Purple Magnolia blossomsI have a huge Magnolia tree in the back yard that usually blooms a bit before Easter.  It is covered in buds right now and a few are even opening up.

I hate to think what will happen to these beauties when the below 30 degree weather gets to them tonight and tomorrow!

Daffodils in full bloomI have lots of daffodils all over my yard in various garden beds.  All of them are blooming now.  Here is a pretty white patch.

Yellow daffodils in bloomAnd some yellows too!

Peony in full bloom.A camellia japonica in full bloom.  I am amazed that it is flowering now although camellias are one of the few large plants that flower in very early spring.

Aren’t the blossoms superb?

Forsythia bush
I have a nice show of forsythia flowers this year.  Last year, I pruned them at the wrong time and lost all my buds, but I learned my lesson.

I have a forsythia hedge growing along my fence line and it is blossoming right now.  They do a wonderful job of hiding my chain link fence.

See my tips for growing forsythia here.

Hyacinths are soon to open.Not opened yet but promise of great flowers in a few weeks.  I bought these in flats instead of planting them as bulbs last fall.

Hope the cold snap over the next few days won’t hurt them.

Tulips are almost ready to open.I just can’t wait for my tulips to open this year.  By this time last year, they had already flowered.

I have at least 100 of them just like this. Should be a fantastic show in a few weeks.

Invasive flowering shrubI have two of these Ornamental quince bushes on the west side of my house. They are horribly invasive – sending up suckers all through the garden bed, but this time of the year, they give a lovely display of flowers.

I have never been able to get it to bear fruit though.

Helleborus - flowers even in the winter.My pride and joy are my collection of Helleborus perennials. This gorgeous plant has been blooming for several weeks. It is one of the very few plants that actually flowers in winter.

The blossoms are almost done on this one.

After writing this post, I have decided that I should stop complaining about winter.  I actually do have a lot in flower.  Not as much as I’ll get later of course, but if I just walk around and look, I can find lots of blooms, even this early.

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