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DIY Wooden Spoon Herb Plant Markers

Growing herbs adds a ton of flavor to all your recipes, but keeping track of what is growing can be challenging. These wooden spoon herb plant markers are both functional and decorative.

DIY Wooden Spoon Herb Plant Markers

Herb Identification might seem easy but those tiny seedlings have a frustrating way of looking the same!

I have a large group of herbs in pots on my deck.  I am lucky that they are producing here in NC from early spring until well into the fall. The rosemary and chives even stay green all winter for me.  I thought it would be fun to make some plant markers for the herbs.  Since I am The Gardening Cook, what better markers that kitchen utensils?

The herbs that needed markers are rosemary, thyme, parsley, chives, stevia, and oregano.  I use these for my recipes all the time.  I’ve grown others but these are the staples and the ones I ended up reserving the space for.

Fresh herbs growing in pots on my deck.

Let’s make some wooden spoon herb plant markers. 

I wanted this to be an inexpensive project, so off to the dollar store I headed in search of some wooden spoons.    I was going to get them all matching but when I saw the sets of fork and spoons, I bought those to give some interest to the project.

Supplies for my DIY wooden spoon herb plant markers.Supplies that I ended up for these wooden spoon herb plant markers are pictured here:

  • Old used Mason Jar
  • Garnet colored Valspar paint sample
  • 1″ Sponge brush (affiliate link)
  • 2 sets of Dollar store wooden spoons and forks
  • 1 Black paint pen  (affiliate link)
  • Outdoor Modge podge – if you want the markers to last more than one season.  (affiliate link)

We are redoing a playhouse and making it into a garden shed, so I had the exact color of paint that I wanted for my markers.  It is the same as the wall on our deck where the plants are sitting and I only used a tiny bit of it for the project. 

Paint the wooden spoonsPaint the utensils

The first step is to paint the wooden spoons and forks.  I gave mine three coats and they dried very quickly between coats since I was working outside on a hot day. 

There is no need to go all the way to the end, since this is where the markers will be inserted into the earth.  The sponge brush made painting easy and it was a cinch to get even brush strokes.

Mason Jar spoon holderThe mason jar holds the spoons and forks upright while they are drying and lets the air circulate around so they dried quickly.

By the time I got all six done, I was able to start over with the first one again.Herb names painted on wooden spoons

Label the herb names.

The next step was to do the plant names.  I just wrote them on with the black paint and added a tiny nibble on the end of each letter for a crafty look that ended up being some what country looking. 

The spoons were all the same size but some had more of an area for painting of the names.  I used these for the longer herb names.

DIY Wooden Spoon Herb Plant markersI let the markers dry thoroughly and then placed the part of the handle with no paint into the dirt.  I did not bother to use mod podge on mine since I only wanted them for one season. 

I like variety and will most likely try something else for marking them next season. But if you want yours to last, use outdoor modge podge on them and let this dry.

Easy peasy.  The wooden spoon herb markers only less than an hour to make and that included drying time!

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