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Gardening Signs – Fans of the Gardening Cook Share

I love gardening signs of all types.  They add a touch of whimsy to any garden setting and give you an idea of the personality of the gardener too.

Just about any saying can be made into a garden sign. All you need, really, is a piece of wood, some paint and a paint brush an d a bit of imagination. 

Some garden signs are humorous, some state the obvious, and some really make you think a little deeper.

Collection of cute Garden Signs

Gardening signs welcome you to a little patch of heaven

I asked the fans of the Gardening Cook on Facebook to share with me their favorite signs.  This is what they shared with me.

Cute Garden sign about choicesLori Rice Stalnaker shared this great sign. She says:  “My husband is not much of a gift giver, but when he saw this sign, he said ‘this is my wife!’ and he surprised me with it!” 

What a great gift!

Welcome to my garden SignRena Barkley Vance shared this lovely welcome sign complete with a bird house motive and climbing vine. 

Rustic Signs add a great touch to any garden setting.Jacki from Blue Fox Farms has a great selection of garden signs from my gardening group on her website.  

One of them might give you just the inspiration you need for your garden.

Cute Garden signCarlene from Organized Clutter has a great post with many garden signs.

Check it out!

Collection of Garden signs.

Here is another collection showing garden signs from the garden sign round up done by Jacki at  Blue Fox Farm. Which is your favorite?

Do you have a picture of a garden sign you would like to see featured in this article? 

Please email me a good quality photo and your name and I’ll consider it for the post.  Photo must be your own original photo and will be shared on social media sites.

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