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Drinks and Cocktail Recipes for Your Next Get Together

This collection of drinks and cocktail recipes is perfect for your next party. 

I admit it.  I love cocktails and refreshing drinks.  And if they are great looking, so much the better. 

So, it makes sense that I would be looking online for the best drinks recipes to share with my readers.

Round up of refreshing cocktails

Searching the Web for the Best Cocktail and Drink Recipes

Some recipes are alcoholic.  Some are not.  But all taste and look great.

Here are some of my favorites.  The best drinks recipes range from soothing hot drinks, to summertime refreshing punches and lemonades.  And for those who love cocktails, there is a wide range of these too.

There is something for all  here.  My only requirement for a recipe to land on this page is that it must taste good, and it must look good.  I truly believe that 3/4 of the appeal of a recipe online is the photograph of it.

Grab a cup of coffee, relax and wander through my liquid refreshment favorites.

Frozen strawberry daiquiri with ice and lime.

This frozen strawberry daiquiri is perfect for a hot summer afternoon by the pool. It’s made in minutes with Island Oasis drink mix.

Red Wine SmoothieNot your average smoothie!  This one is made with red wine. :  Get the recipe –>> CA Compact Appliance

Cake Batter Marttini - Birthday in a glassSo festive! Cake Batter Martini – Birthday in a glass!  Get the recipe –>> The Novice Chef

Cappucino White Rum MudshakeCappucino White Rum Mudshake.  One of my favorites!  Get the recipe –>>  STL Cooks

Green Eyes - Midori CocktailGreen Eyes:  made with Midori melon liquer. MIDORI Malibu Rum, Cream of coconut , fresh Lime Juice  and Pineapple Juice  – Recipe –>> Drinked In

Sake MojitoSake Mojito – Perfect way to use fresh mint.  Recipe –>> Just one cookbook

White SangriaWhite Sangria. Just love all that fresh fruit!  Recipe –>> Just Putzing around in the Kitchen

Witches brew cocktail

This fruity and tart Witches Brew Halloween cocktail is perfect for the holiday season, and also gives a fruit taste of the Caribbean all summer long. 

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Monday 27th of January 2020

My favorite drink in this list is Vodka Strawberry Lemonade Sparkler so good perfect for the summer season.


Thursday 29th of May 2014

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Tuesday 11th of June 2013

Thank you.

Aleah and Nick

Monday 10th of June 2013

Thank you kindly for including our Lemonade Sparkler! What a great round-up!


Monday 10th of June 2013

My pleasure.

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