Favorite Amaretto Cocktails – Almonds at Cocktail Hour!

I first tasted Amaretto when I lived in Australia.  It was very common to end most meals in a restaurant with a liqueur of some sort. Amaretto soon became one of my favorites. These Amaretto cocktails all use this tasty liqueur as part of the drink.

My Favorite Amaretto Cocktails

Enjoy the nuttiness of my favorite Amaretto Cocktails.

Some of these cocktails are simple and some combine several ingredients so that the amaretto is just a hint in the background. But all have that familiar almond nuttiness which is so distinctive to amaretto.

I am compiling a page of my favorite amaretto cocktails.  I’ll be adding to it often. so check back for new recipes.  You can click the link below the picture to go to the recipe and print it out for later reference.Amaretto Southern Comfort Sour

Amaretto Southern Comfort Sour — Get the recipe.

Hotely Riley Rum cocktail combines vodka, amaretto and coconut rum with lime juice and pineapple juice. Vacation time!Hotel Riley Rum Cocktail – Here is the recipe.

drinksToasted Almond Cocktail.  Get the recipe here.

Cuban BreezeThe Cuban Breeze.  Get the recipe here.

For more cocktail recipes, visit my Cocktail Hour board at Pinterest.

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