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Cocktails Containing Amaretto – Drinks with Almond Liqueur

This collection of cocktails containing amaretto will please anyone who loves the flavor of almonds. Whether you prefer a drink that is sweet, creamy, tart, or tropical, amaretto can seamlessly blend into a variety of cocktails, adding its signature nutty taste.

Many amaretto-based recipes require just a few ingredients, making them easy to whip up for any occasion.

In this collection, you’ll find my favorite amaretto drinks. Each recipe is designed to highlight the liqueur’s unique qualities, whether it’s the star of the show or a subtle background note that enhances other flavors.

All of these cocktails have that familiar almond nuttiness that is so distinctive to amaretto.

Glass of Amaretto and bowl of almonds with a tea towel on a slate counter.

Cocktails Containing Amaretto - My Favorite Drinks with Almond Liqueur

These amaretto cocktails are delightful and incredibly easy to prepare.

With just a few ingredients and a couple of steps, you can create drinks at home with amaretto's distinctive nutty flavor.

Explore these recipes and discover how to use amaretto to create a variety of cocktails with flavor profiles that range from tropical and sweet to chocolatey and spirit-forward. Cheers!

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Glass of amaretto on a gray counter with loose almonds scattered and in a bowl.

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