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Creative Gardening Ideas

Creative ideas on a budget

I must admit that I am not a normal gardener.  I don’t enjoy conventional landscape plans. I don’t invest in fancy garden structures or planters.   To me, a garden should show the style of the person who lives near it.  And I love to use existing things from around the house if possible, and…

Caladium Tubers – How to Overwinter them

How to overwinter Caladium tubers

One of my things to do before the frost was to make sure that my caladium tubers were dug up and brought indoors for the winter. But as luck would have it, I hurt my back this fall, at the time I normally do this.  I was laid up for a few weeks waiting for…

Tulips Daffodils and the Front Garden Bed.

Plant Spring flowering bulbs in the fall

It is always a bittersweet time in the fall.  Everything is dying back. Most of the blooms are gone and the garden has to be cleaned up and put to bed, for want of a better term.  When I realized that gardening was winding down for the year, I thought of the tulips daffodils and…