Gardening Cooking Humor – Collection of Jokes and Funnies

Every now and then, it is fun to just let your hair down and enjoy a bit of gardening and cooking humor.  These graphics and jokes are a way for us to lighten your day.

Gardening and cooking humor

Life should not always be too serious. The Gardening Cook agrees. So we have made a collection of some of our favorite sayings and jokes. Some are witty, some are inspirational and some are just plain fun.

Feel free to pin our sayings to your boards on Pinterest. If you use the images in any other way, please include a link to our website.

We also love member contributed jokes.    If you leave one for us in the comments and we like it, we’ll make it into a graphic and give you credit.  If you have images that are already made, please link to them and I’ll include them and link back to you, if I like them.

MomismsMost Images  are copyright of The Gardening Cook.  If not, we will give credit to the original source.

Snake poseSource: Val Webb 2linkshareSource:  Maxine
Funny gardening sign Maxine food jokeSource:Maxine
humorSource: Aunty Acid on Facebook. cookintipSource: Grow Food Not Lawns
Trespassers will be compostedSource: The Haunted Gardens humor
Source: Pinterest
planting on couch campingSource:  Guru to the outdoors
gardener  jokeShared from Jokes R US 
lucky charms joke impatiens jokeShared from Pinterest
pin complex Shared from Just Funny Apron’s Blog
common sense  pasta jokephoto credit: Imgur
don't judge by appearances marijuana friend
with with meals the baker
health humor cooking porn
skinny cook Be sure your container will house a full grown dog!Source: Burpee Gardens

Do you have a favorite cooking or gardening joke? Please leave it in the comments below.

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