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8 Gardeners Share Their Fall Planting Ideas

I belong to a Facebook Gardening Group called the Garden Charmers.  One of our favorite ways to help promote each other is to feature our blogs in various round ups.

The topic of this roundup is Fall planting ideas.  I asked the ladies in the group to show me what they do in the fall and they came up with a great variety of ideas and tips for you.

The ideas ranged from what to plant now for a fall crop, through dividing perennials, saving seeds, braiding garlic and so many more topics.

There is even a recipe for the ever present fall fruit – the apple.

For more ideas about what to do in the fall before the cold weather hits, be sure to check out my fall gardening checklist.

Fall Gardening Tips from 9 Talented GardenersFall Planting Ideas from The Garden Charmers

The ideas in this article come from these bloggers:

So, grab a cup of coffee and site back and enjoy this round up of fall gardening tips and tricks from 9 talented gardeners.

Image5Think ahead to Spring.

Stephanie from Garden Therapy has a wonderful blog post about the bulbs to plant for spring.  Imagine getting a show of tulips like the ones above.

If you want that, NOW is the time to plant the bulbs.  See more at Garden Therapy.EODBirdsWillTellListen to the Birds

Do you ever wonder when the time comes to save seeds? Do as my friend Melissa does.  Let the birds tell you by their behavior. Read her interesting article at Empress of Dirt.

What to plant now
For my submission to this round up, I have an article which deals with which seeds to plant for a fall harvest. While some of you will not have time for this, or the weather, some gardeners in more temperate zones can get in extra vegetables for fall.

See which seeds to plant for a fall harvest here.

DSCF6473Be sure to Save Seeds

Saving seeds is something that many gardeners do each fall.  Lynne from Sensible Gardening and Living talks about which veggies are the easiest to save and the importance of heirloom seeds.

See her article and great photos at Sensible Gardening and Living.

9 Gardeners share their Fall tips and Tricks

IMG_0910Decorate outdoors as well as inside

Carlene from Organized Clutter is not so much into gardening and seed saving as she is in decorating with plants.  She has the most wonderful article and series of photos showing how she has decorated her great potting Bench.

See all the photos and details at Organized Clutter.


Don’t forget the Apples

Fall would not be the same without a new recipe for apple pie would it?  Karin has a wonderful looking recipe on her site Lebensart im Markgräflerland.

Her site is written in German, but you can put the ingredients and directions into this Google Translator to see the English Version.Image4Turn your Garlic into something Decorative

Braiding Garlic is not something that most of us have experience with, but it is actually something that is quite easy to do.  See the tutorial for this project at Garden Therapy.

Plant now for Spring

Now is the time to plant garlic if you want to enjoy it next spring.

My articles gives details of how to plant it and also a great video giving details as well.  Read the article on The Gardening Cook.


Divide Perennials in Fall

Perennial that are left untended will often get very overgrown.  Some even lose their centers.

When this happens, it is time to divide.  Lynne at Sensible Gardening and Living shows how and when to do this task.Ripening Green Tomatoes

9 Gardeners share their fall gardening tipsAre there other things that you go do get ready for fall in your garden?  Share your experiences in the comment section below!

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Tanya @ Lovely Greens

Saturday 5th of October 2013

Really great collection of posts!

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