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Sun Faces for Your Garden

Brighten up your Garden with One of these Sun Faces

One of my neighbors has a great collection of sun faces on the wall of their sun room.  You can see it featured in the main photo of this collage. The sun is often portrayed with a face. The roundness and brightness of it just seems to invite personalization.  It often seems to end up as a wise face and just seems to be something that will attract birds to take a break from flitting and flying to cool off in your yard.

A collection of Sun Faces for your yard and GardenGiving your garden a boost of sunshine with a piece of wall art decor can mean that you will welcome the sun rays all year long.  It sets a whimsical atmosphere and will impress your visitors.  Here comes the Sun!

Sun Faces on a Garden shed wall

Here is the neat wall of Sun Face wall decorations on one of my neighbor’s houses.  What a fabulous array of faces.  I especially like the black one in the center of the photo.

If you are looking for more sunny inspiration, read on!

Rustic sun face

This  handsome, rustic wall sculpture has a wonderful cut out design with a detailed sun face center. Available from Amazon.

Jeweled Eye Sun FaceThis weathered metal sun face was amber colored jeweled eyes.  It fits perfectly on a weathered back drop.  A fan of the Gardening Cook on FacebookBob Tingwald says “this guy keeps an eye on our backyard gardens.”Sun Face / Sensible Gardening and LivingThis lovely terracotta sun face looks perfect against the color of the wall behind it.  Shared from my friend Lynne, who has the blog Sensible Gardening and Living.Sun dial with faceIf you don’t have a place to hang a sun face wall art decoration, how about this idea in a garden bed?  It’s a sun dial with the shape of a sun face on it.  Affiliate Source:  Amazon.

Mexican hand painted pottery garden faceThis Mexican hand painted pottery Face is another one that combines both the sun and the moon motifs.  Gardening cook Fan Crystal Harvey  says:  “I purchased this on a trip to Colorado. It made the plane trip, all in one piece. These two faces keep an eye on my fish pond garden, day and night.”

If you like faces in the garden, you may also be interested in my other article Garden Faces, Who’s Looking at you?

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Marilyn Finkel

Thursday 19th of December 2019

I have the need for several small clay faces. How can I order tem?

Carol Speake

Friday 20th of December 2019

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