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Garden Faces – Who’s Looking at You?

These Garden Faces Add a Touch of Whimsy to any Garden Setting.

Garden faces take normal outdoor settings to a new level with their whimsical appeal.  Helen Keller once said:  “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.” This quote somehow seems to fit into this collection of garden faces.

Garden faces add a touch of whimsy to your outdoor setting.Garden faces come in all forms, from those that have been purchased at retail stores, through ones that nature has somehow made along the way.  And of course, let’s not forget those made by those who love to DIY.

I recently asked the fans of my Gardening Cook Facebook page if they had faces in their garden. This is what they came up with to share.

Mexican hand painted garden faceCrystal Harvey  says:  This is Mexican hand painted pottery. I purchased it on a trip this summer to CO. I can’t believe it made the plane trip, all in one piece. It is beautiful and of course the picture does not do it justice. I have never seen one like it. These two faces keep an eye on my fish pond garden,day and night.”

Huge rock with a happy faceBente Havelund painted this cute face on a rock in her garden bed. Her neighbor says that he smiles at her every day and cheers her up!

Amazing rust sun garden faceAmazing rustic Garden Sun face.  Page fan Bob Tingwald says “this guy keeps an eye on our backyard gardens.”

Just smile planters!From page fan Bente Havelund.  Just smile!

Whichford Pottery, in Shipston-on-Stour, England.Kris Keller Gause says that this face is Whichford. She hand carried him back from the amazing Whichford Pottery, in Shipston-on-Stour, England. What a great addition to any garden!

Stick out your tongue garden faceNatalie Adams shared this whimsical face with us.  She says:  “This was bought because my daughter, 4, at the time would stick her tongue out at me behind my back, and when I said No to her, and she didn’t want to accept my answer.”

Mr and Mrs Garden GroveAnother cute planter idea from Bente Havelund.  Mr. and Mrs. Garden Grove.

Garden Face behind shrubsRobyn Ping has a whimsical face in her garden. She said it is located on her arbor. There is even a bird’s nest within the mouth.  How delightful!

The green ManJacki from Blue Fox Farm has this face in her garden.  She says “The Green Man is a common motif in garden art; this one is so full of character, and the little wind chime is precious to me as it was a memento of a trip.  I always look for some kind of garden themed souvenir whenever I go on a road trip.”  ( Jacki also has other garden faces on her website too!)

Do you have a garden  face you would like to share with us?  Email me with the photo, your name, and a few words about where it is located in your garden.  I can’t share all images but my favorites will be included on the page.  You can also post a link to your image in the comments below if you wish.  Photo must be your original photograph, please.

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Friday 17th of May 2019

What a beautiful peice i am into the sun and the moon. That is reallt nice. I have a few peices my self i luv the Mexican art.


Saturday 18th of May 2019

I love the way garden art changes the look of any garden setting.


Monday 13th of February 2017

Where did you get the stone with the face in the first image?


Monday 13th of February 2017

Hi Bree. Any images that are not my own or credited to another source are public domain images, so I am now sure there the stone face came from.


Brenda Linger

Tuesday 13th of August 2013

I would love to know where Natalie Adams got her garden face!


Tuesday 13th of August 2013

It looks to me as though the project was one they did as a DIY perhaps!


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