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DIY Candy Corn Autumn Glass Decoration

This is the time of the year that my candy dishes are full of candy corn.  Nothing seems to say fall like a dish full of the sweet orange, yellow and white treats.  I decided to use the left over Halloween candy on a decoration that would take me closer to Thanksgiving. This candy corn glass decoration is easy to do and looks great on any table.DIY Candy Corn Glass Decoration for Autumn

Candy Corn Glass Decoration Project for Autumn

I have some of the popular Willow Tree Figurines(affiliate link)  I thought they would make a great background for my fall decor project..  I had many of the items already on hand, so the project ended up just costing me $3 plus the cost of the candy which I got at the dollar store.

To do the project, you will need:

  • a glass holder.  I used one that was originally the holder for some bulbs that I forced indoors.
  • two bunches of long maroon and orange colored celeste grass.  (dollar store find)
  • a $1 pumpkin
  • Inexpensive silk autumn leaves  (left over from my scarecrow DIY watering can planter.
  • candy corn and candy pumpkins

Supplies for project

The candy is very popular, particularly in the fall. Did you also know that you can grow candy corn plant in your garden? You won’t get the candy but the look and colors are the same! 

The first thing I did was to fill my glass bowl with the  candy. BIG mistake.  The grass is too lightweight to poke down through the layers without breaking.  So, I poured it all out, sorted it again and then put the grass in first.

Celeste grass makes the first layer.Now the candy went back in.  I layered it with the normal candy corn at the bottom and then placed the mini pumpkin into the vase and positioned it.

candy corn and pumpkin layerI continued with the other candy. I had three types, the normal candy corn, some pumpkins with green on them and some more candy corn with brown tips for the top layer. 

I fiddled with the pumpkin to get it where I wanted it and added the leaves behind it and a bit more of the grass at the very back to fill in the middle.

Finished Candy dish I have a room divider in my den that has a tall opening in it with some Willow Tree Wooden collectibles and the project looks great with them.

candy dish and willow tree dolls

The project was easy to do, inexpensive and very fast (if you don’t count the part where I had to tip out all the candy and start over.)  Took me about 15 minutes tops.

If you love working candy corn in home decor projects, be sure to check out my candy corn centerpiece. It makes a great Halloween party table decor item.

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