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Decorating a Sunroom – Relax in style with These Sunroom Ideas

Sunrooms are a wonderful place to admire your gardening endeavors. I thought it would be fun to share some ideas for decorating a sunroom with you, with photos of these amazing sunrooms.

If you read my blog often, you will know that I have a bit of a passion for garden beds.  I have 11 of them all around my home. 

Some of my favorite ones are in my back yard, but the south facing exposure makes our deck a hot place to admire them.

A sunroom will give me a chance to admire my work, but escape the heat

Large sunroom decorated beautifully.

Ideas for Decorating a Sunroom.

I have long wanted a sunroom, or some sort of enclosed patio where I can sit and admire my gardens. It is a great place to have brunch or just read a book and enjoy the outdoors without the blistering heat that we get here in NC.

I have finally convinced my husband that he wants this too. (first step in getting things done in my house!)

Perhaps we’ll be able to admire this huge garden bed without getting scorched now!Garden outside my back deckWe have all sorts of things in mind. I think our final project is going to be to close in our large deck and add a pergola over the top, chair rail height walls and a screened enclosure.

I can see it in my mind….and I can almost see all the things that I plan to put in it when it’s done. Hopefully that will be this winter, so that we can enjoy it next year when the weather gets hotter.

The sunroom will be the perfect spot to have lunch and look out on this lovely garden bed.Southwest garden bedNow…onto the fun part of decorating – the shopping trip! Choosing the right furniture and plants stands is going to be fun.

I can’t wait to decorate our sunroom with some fun garden treasures.

In the meantime, why not join me for some inspiration with one of these lovely sunrooms. While my sunroom won’t be as spectacular as these designs, I can still incorporate some aspects of them in  my room.

Some of my favorite sunrooms

I have always wanted a sunroom. To me, there is nothing like relaxing the morning with the sun peeking into a beautifully decorated room that allows you to enjoy nature. 

It is as close to being outside as one can get. Here are a few of my favorite sunroom decorating ideas.  Which one is your favorite?

Large sunroom with window seats and sofa.

This magnificent sunroom features a spacious design with window seats, indoor plants and a large leather sofa that won’t mind the humidity. French doors lead to the outside and make these area seem like a true living space.

Wicker side tables adds a rustic touch and the colors coordinate beautifully.

Sunroom with wooden roof and oriental carpet.

This lovely sunroom gives a stunning view of the heavily treed lot. The use of wicker furniture and an Oriental carpet with a floral pattern is beautiful with the dark wood ceiling.

The amount of windows brings the outdoors inside in such a lovely way.

Add a wicker footstool and some colorful cushions and the decorating is done!

Wicker furniture in a small sunroom with a Boston fern.

The coziness of this smaller sunroom is perfect for a morning cup of tea.

Wicker furniture takes the humidity well and the large Boston fern adds just the right touch of softness to the space.

Sunroom with white wicker chair and lots of plants.

This sunroom uses minimal furniture and adds decorations by the massive amount of potted plants.

Palm trees, ferns and even a hydrangea bush all give a greenhouse-like look to the relaxing sunroom.

White beach sunroom with swing

The wrap around windows and perfect seating in this sunroom gives each person a great view of the water outside.  Since it is fully enclosed, it’s the perfect place to use upholstered furniture.

White furniture, shiplap and the white ceiling all add to make it a beach themed sunroom. 

I love the hanging swing and cushions!

Modern sunroom with a minimalist look.

The tall black wrought iron plant stands match the window frames in this modern sunroom beautifully. This simple sunroom design has a minimalist feel to it.  

It seems to match the outdoors perfectly. 

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