Sun Rooms – Relax in style with Nature nearby

My Favorite sun rooms

I have always wanted a sun room.  To me, there is nothing like relaxing the morning with the sun peeking into a beautifully decorated room that allows you to enjoy nature.  It is as close to being outside as one can get.

My favorite sunrooms

Image adapted from a Public Domain photo by Photographer Phaewik

Here are a few of my favorite sun room designs.  Which one is your favorite?

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Sun room with high windows and pink furnitureGorgeous sun room with tall windows and pink damask furniture.  I love how the checkerboard floor coordinates.  Source:  Traditional Home.

Floral sofa in a big sunroomThis sun room makes use of wicker furniture with a floral pattern and dark wood surrounding the windows. The amount of windows brings the outdoors inside in such a lovely way.

Wrap around porch SunroomThe wrap around windows and perfect seating in this sun room gives each person a great view of the water.  Source:  HGTV

Minimalist sun roomThis simple sun room design has a minimalist feel to it.  It seems to match the outdoors perfectly.  Source:  Dwelement

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