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Grapefruit Juice Ice Cubes

What could be better in a grapefruit based cocktail than these grapefruit ice cubes?

What do you do when you have a huge bag of grapefruit that you thought were oranges? Why juice some of them and freeze the juice to use later, suggests a fan of the Gardening Cook on Facebook – Violet Roew. 

I asked my fans to give me some suggestions for using the grapefruit and they came up with some very creative ideas.

Grapefruit Ice Cubes - great for lemonade and mixed drinks.Making these cubes took me all of 3 minutes, plus freezing time of course.

Each tray requires 2 large grapefruits squeezed.   All you need are fresh grapefruit, a juicer and some ice cube trays.

ready for grapefruit ice cubesJust cut the grapefruit in half and squeeze over a juicer (I used a hand juicer and it worked fine) then place the juice in ice cube trays.

pink grapefruitPlace the ice cube trays in the freezer until set and enjoy in your favorite drink.  The ice cubes can be used in all sorts of drinks, both alcoholic and not, for a refreshing extra taste of grapefruit.

The ice cubes take a bit longer to set than those made with just water.  I checked mine about 6 hours after I put them in the freezer and they were still a bit tacky, so you’ll need to make them well ahead of the time you want to use them.

Even today when I took them out, they were still tacky but frozen solid and perfect to use in drinks.

Grapefruit ice cubes - easy to make and great in all sorts of drinks and cocktails.I added them to some Minute Maid 15 calorie lemonade for a great tasting and lo cal drink.

It started out tasting like lemonade and as the grapefruit ice cubes melted, it took on the grapefruit tang.  Just lovely!

Easy Grapefruit Lemonade - great way to use grapefruit ice cubes

Julie Alexander also suggested that I mix with seltzer or tonic water, and it will takes almost like Fresca.

Or add them to white wine or champagne for a great tasting cocktail. There are so many uses for these grapefruit ice cubes.

Off to add some of these ice cubes to my Grapefruit, Cranberry Sea Breeze Cocktail!

Grapefruit, cranberry Sea Breeze Cocktail.A nice book, a seat in the garden and my day is complete!

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