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DIY Fall Scarecrow Watering Can Planter

Watering cans make great planters and garden decor items.  The size is perfect and the opening can be used for a plant or cut flowers. Today, I am putting one to use in a scarecrow watering can planter that is just perfect for fall.

Scarecrow Watering Can Fall Planter

One of my favorite things to do when I am at home improvement stores is to see what is down at the back of the plant aisles, almost dead, and on sale.  I usually can find something that I think I’ll be able to bring back to life.

Scarecrow Watering Can Planter Welcomes in Fall

This pretty watering can project looks great on a patio occasional table. It is recycled from a cast off plant that I got from Lowe’s in their mark down center.

Today’s find was a Shasta daisy plant in a neat little watering can.  Perfect for fall.  I was not sure whether the plant would survive but that didn’t matter since I loved the planter and it was so inexpensive!

Shasta daisy planter almost deadI removed all the totally dead leaves and left some of the ones with brownish edges, because I wanted the color variation.  Then I gave the plant a really good watering.  There are plenty of small new green shoots, so I think the plant will be fine, but basically I just wanted it as a base for the project, so it will be a bonus if it does.

shasta daisy leaves

I got a lot of debris out of the plant.  No wonder they marked it down!

debrisThese are my supplies, all purchased at a local Dollar Store for one buck each.

Supplies for the project.First, I took a bamboo skewer and poked it up into the little scarecrow and then secured it with hot glue.

back of scarecrow.

The ceramic pumpkin had a couple of holes in the bottom, so I poked skewers into those and secured them with a twist tie and hot glued them in place.

pumpkin and skewersI did not want them showing on the front, so I attached a few fall leaves to the twist tie area.

fall leaves on pumpkin.The cats tails and berries are in the back ground and the pumpkin and little scare crow sit  front and center.scare crow planter close up

This was a fun project that was quick and easy to do and cost me $10 and hopefully I’ll have a plant next year too!  The watering can can be used over and over. What a bargain!

Planter for next year to reuse too!

Do you like to shop the almost dead aisle at Lowe’s? What bargains have you discovered there?

DIY Scarecrow Watering Can Planter

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