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Terracotta Candy Jar – Clay Pot Candy Corn Holder

This adorable Terracotta Candy Jar will delight your trick or treating youngsters.

It is made to look like candy corn – everyone’s favorite Halloween candy and will look really cute on your Halloween party table.

I love making projects with clay pots.  The material paints easily since the pots absorb craft paint well and, often, one coat is all that is needed.  This Terracotta Candy Jar is simple to make and will delight your neighborhood trick or treaters. #halloweendiy #claypotcrafts

Older pots that have seen a lot of use will work fine after they are cleaned.clay pots

Their shape lends itself to so many cute projects.  Just turn them over and you have a base for lots of seasonal figures.

(See my Leprechaun Hat centerpiece, terra cotta pumpkin candy dish and giant terracotta jingle bell for example of other projects.)

Note: Hot glue guns, and heated glue can burn. Please use extreme caution when using a hot glue gun. Learn to use your tool properly before you start any project.

Today, we’ll be making a fun Terracotta Candy Jar

Candy corn seems to find it’s way into my home for Halloween.  I use it more for projects than I do for eating, although I’ve been known to make some candy corn pretzel balls or fudge now and then, as well!

I also have a recipe for a craft cocktail using the candy corn to make infused vodka that is to die for!

The candy is very popular, particularly in the fall. Did you also know that you can grow candy corn plant in your garden? You won’t get the candy but the look and colors are the same!

Today, I decided to use the colors of the candy corn and the shape of my clay pot as an inspiration for this fun terracotta candy jar.candy corn

To make this project, you’ll need just a few supplies:  I used a 4 1/2″ pot and 5 1/2″ saucer, masking tape, a wooden 3/4″ ball, craft paint, some candy corn and a round jar with lid.Supplies for a candy corn holder

To start, paint your clay pot. You can tape them with masking tape or do them by hand. I just used a pencil to give me an idea of the lines and a flat edged paint brush and it worked fine.

Also paint the lid of the jar and saucer orange to match the center of the candy corn and the wooden ball yellow.Painted clay pots

Once the paint has dried, use hot glue to attach the upside saucer to the jar lid and the wooden ball to the top center. The jar lid gets glue inside the upside down saucer.Attaching candy jar lid

Turn the clay pot over and hot glue the candy jar to the top of it securely.attaching candy jar base

The last step in the project it to hot glue a couple of pieces of candy corn to the bottom of the holder.attaching candy corn

All that is left to do now, it to fill the terracotta candy jar with candy corn and display.Filling candy jar

Just a few minutes of assembly time and it’s finished! Who would have thought that this adorable candy corn holder started life as a clay pot? It’s perfect to use on a Halloween party table.

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What do candy corn and clay pots have in common? They are the main supplies in my fun fall candy dish. The kids will love to dig into this cute DIY project. Find out how to make it on The Gardening Cook.  Click To Tweet

Don’t know where to get started on planning for your Halloween party? Check out this article for more than 70 great adult Halloween party ideas for food, drinks and decor suggestions.Candy corn holder

Your guests will love to dig into this cute terracotta pot candy jar and help themselves to candy corn. It would make a great table centerpiece on Halloween night, or a fun way to greet trick or treating guests!

This candy jar looks really cute next to my wine cork pumpkin, don’t you think?Candy corn dish in a Fall vignette

I also made a Halloween gumball machine using clay pots for my holiday blog as a variation of the project. They look really cute together!Bubble gum machine and candy corn holder

If you have an old clay pot and saucer, plus just a few more supplies, you can turn them into your own clay pot candy jar in just about 2 hours.This candy corn holder is fun to make and will be a hit on your Halloween table. #candycorncrafts #halloweendiy

If you like working with candy corn in crafts, be sure to check out my candy corn centerpiece made with tree branches sprayed black. So spooky looking!

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