Collection of the Best Cheat Sheets.

Cheat Sheets for all Sorts of Tips

Sometimes, I just wish there was an easy way to have all the great information that you find online handy in one place, don’t you?  Cheat sheets are the way to go. These helpful graphics and charts make it easy to do so many household tasks and chores.

Round up of the best household cheat sheets.I’ve started a collection of some of my favorite ones. You will find everything from metric conversions to all types of stain removal and everything in between.

Just click on any of the images or links below to go directly to the source.Butter and Margarine Conversion Chart

Ever wondered what to substitute for butter?  My cheat sheet explains it all.

Cheat Sheet for Cooking VeggiesVegetables cook for different times depending on how you cook them.  This hand cheat Sheet for Cooking Veggies from Womenist Women Interest shows the time differences.

Necklace Cheat SheetPerfect cheat sheet to show which style of necklace to wear with any neckline from  Charming Charlie

Metric Conversion Cheat Sheet.With so many food blogs the world over, metric conversion knowledge is a must.  This  Metric Conversion Cheat Sheet is shared From

This kitchen cheat sheet gives some common kitchen conversions.
Sometimes you just want only the basic kitchen conversions handy. This Kitchen Measurements Cheat Sheet from Recipes Just 4u will do the trick well.

Volume Conversions Cheat SheetLooking for Volume conversions in a handy  sheet form? This Volume Conversions Cheat Sheet – from Chasing Delicious has them all in one place.

Cheat sheet for stainsNo matter what the stain, this handy cheat sheet uploaded to Pinterest will help you deal with them.

Do you have a favorite cheat sheet that  you would like to share?  Please add a link to it in the comments below and I’ll add it to the article and link to your site.

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      Self raising flour. It has raising agent already added. Flour without any raising agent in is called Plain flour in Australia. 😃

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