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That’s a Cake? Cakes that don’t look like Food

Cakes that don’t look like food always surprise me when I see them.

I spent a short period of my life, when my daughter was young decorating cakes.  I had a set of Wilton cake decorating tips and a few magazines and made a fancy cake each year for her birthday.

But never once did someone say “That’s a cake?” in astonishment. 

These ideas change all that. They are so realistic, it’s hard to believe that they are edible!

Round up of creative cakes - hard to believe these are all cakes! Cakes that don't look like food.

Cakes That Don’t Look Like Food. Is that a cake?

Well, my decorating tips are long gone, but when I see cakes like these, it is hard for me to believe that they are actually cakes.

Cacti Cupcakes DIYThis platter of Cactus plants are actually cupcakes.  Such amazing talent! – Source:  Alana Jones – Mann

Coach handbag cakeIf you can’t afford a Coach Handbag, make one into a Cake! – Source:  Flickr

Bucket of Beer cakeTime for happy hour.  This Bucket of Beer is actually a Cake! – Source – Deceptology

Victorian House cakeThis Victorian House Cake looks like something a young girl would just love. – Source:  Confetti Cakes

MacDonalds Big Mac CakeMacDonald’s Big Mac Cake.  Fool your friends with this one! – Source:  Flickr

Reebok Shoe CakeReebok Blue Shoe Cake. Fun cake for a jogger in your life. – Source:  Buzzfeed

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Tuesday 6th of August 2013

I would like direction for these


Tuesday 6th of August 2013

Hi Joyce, These are ideas that I shared from other sites. Below each picture is a link to the original site. They may have the recipes posted there.


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