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Easter Grapevine Door Swag – Butterflies Bunnies and Eggs!

This Easter grapevine door swag welcomes in spring with the arrangement of dogwood flowers, bunnies, butterflies and Easter eggs.

It also welcomes in my guests in a pretty pastel spring way.

My front door is one of the few places that always gets a holiday make over.  Easter grapevine door swag

When Jess was younger, I used to decorate the whole house for each holiday, but those days have long gone.

Now, I make a door swag and a centerpiece for my dining room table and call that good enough!

Dried grapevines are so versatile.  They are easy to shape, easy to decorate and look great when you are done too.  

I also love that, once I have the form made, I can use it over and over for other projects.  (I am the queen of re-using craft supplies!)Dried grapevines can be used to make door swags

Note: Hot glue guns, and heated glue can burn. Please use extreme caution when using a hot glue gun. Learn to use your tool properly before you start any project.

Let’s get started on the Easter Grapevine Door Swag.

I got most of my supplies for this project from the dollar store.  (grand total of $7.00 not counting the grapevines, since my husband brought me these from a landscaping project.)  

The blue and pink butterflies were two floral picks and the dogwood flowers were also two picks.

I just removed the bits and they were ready to work with.Supplies for my grapevine door swag

To make the project, you will need the following supplies:

  • dried grapevines to make a swag
  • Easter Bunny vintage sign
  • Pink and blue silk butterflies
  • Silk Dogwood flowers
  • Foam pastel colored Easter Eggs
  • Blue polka dotted wire edged ribbon 2 1/2″ wide
  • Pink wire edged ribbon 2 1/2″ wide
  • piece of 1/2″ blue ribbon
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks

Making the swag form.

The dried grapevines are tied together in a long bunch that will fit the length of your door panel. I made mine about 30″ long.  

The back is secured in a long bunch and tied together and the front has pieces that are left free to fan out to give me the shape I was looking for.

Making the door swag form from grapevines

Adding the decorations.

The basis of this Easter grapevine door swag is a butterfly shaped Easter bunny sign with a vintage look to it. The sign I bought at the Dollar store was in two pieces.

I separated them and used only the inner sign on my wreath.This pretty Peter Rabbit style sign will go at the top of my door swag

I hot glued the ribbon and back of the sign in a few places to the dried grapevines.

Next, I separated my floral picks (butterflies and dogwood flowers) into single pieces and hot glued these as well as the foam Easter eggs here and there on the remainder of the swag form in a pleasing design.attach the Easter Bunny sign and arrange the other decorations and hot glue to the grapevines

Making the bow.

It’s very easy to make a floral bow. Just decide how big you want your loops to be and wrap both lengths of ribbon in long loops.

Use the small piece of 3/8″ ribbon to tie it VERY tightly in the middle and then pouff out the loops to make a pretty bow.Making the floral bow

The last step is to wind some of the grapevines into a loop and tie it at the top of the swag. Tie the bow around the base of the hanger and the swag is ready to display.Making a hanger and attaching the bow

Display with pride.

I used a glass door wreath hanger to hang my Easter grapevine door swag.

The bow hides the hanger and the swag fits beautifully on the front door. I just love the way this turned out.

And the beauty of it is that when Easter is over, I can easily remove my pastel decorations and make up something more suitable for Mother’s Day.

Stay tuned for that one!Easter Grapevine Door Swag on a blue entry door

Pin this door swag project for later

Would you like a reminder of this Easter grapevine door swag project?  Just pin this image to one of your holiday boards on Pinterest so that you can easily find it later.Easter Door swag made from a grapevine and pastel decorations

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Friday 24th of March 2017

Check your post title! Thanks for a good laugh :)


Friday 24th of March 2017

OMG! Thanks for letting me know. Holy cow. LOL Carol

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