Mason Jar Easter Bunny Treats Project

This Mason Jar Easter Bunny project is a great alternative for celebrating the holiday. It comes together in just minutes and would also make a great table centerpiece for your dessert table.Thesee Mason Jar Easter Bunny Treats are the perfect alternative to an Easter Basket

I love hiding Easter eggs and making a basket for kids as much as the next person. But it can get pretty expensive if you are doing if for a LOT of kids.  These cute project will give each child a bunny, as well as some Easter eggs and it is decorative, as well. Everything in the jar is edible, including the grass!

This Mason Jar Easter Bunny DIY project comes together in a flash.

Just assemble your supplies. If you have a young one in the house, they will LOVE to help you make these.  (it’s your guess as well as mine as to how many treats makes it to the jars!)

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You will need these items:Supplies for the Mason Jar Easter Bunny Treats

The treat jars just come together in layers. Start by dividing the bag of edible grass into 6 and pushing each bundle down into the Mason Jars.  Sprinkle in a layer of the Pastel colored Easter M&Ms.Add edible grass in the bottom of the jar.

Unwrap each of the Easter Bunnies and place him into the jar and move him around a bit so that he sits straight. Place two Robin’s egg candies behind the bunny to hold him in place.Add Bunnies to jars and also two Robin's eggs to back.

Let’s add some pretty lids!

Trace the mason jar lid on the Easter scrapbook paper and use the glue stick to attach it to the top of the lid. TIP: I found it easier to tighten the jar first and then glue the top to get the pattern to line up. I cut three pieces with Easter eggs and three with bunnies.Glue the scrapbook paper to the top of the jar lids

Tie the 1/4″ ribbon around the jar lid and position it in the front.Tie ribbon on the jar lids

Tada! That’s all there is to it.  The jars are all set to display on your Easter table.  Be the kids will want more than one!Mason Jar Easter Bunny Treats

For more fun Easter projects, be sure to visit my Easter Food, Drink and Decor board on Pinterest.

Mason Jar Easter Bunny Treats Project
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 8
  • 6 Mason Jars
  • 12 Robin's Eggs
  • 6 Easter Bunnies to fit
  • 1 PIece of Easter Scrapbook paper
  • 6 pieces of ¼" ribbon
  • 1 bag of Edible grass
  • Bag of Easter M&Ms
  • Glue stick, scissors and pencil
  1. Divide the edible grass and place it in each of the mason jars. Add a layer of M&Ms.
  2. Place the Easter bunny in the grass and position him. Add two large Robin's eggs behind him to hold him in place.
  3. Trace the jar kids on scrapbook paper. Cut it out and glue to the lids with a glue stick.
  4. Tie a piece of ribbon around the rim of each lid.
  5. Display.

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