Best Dessert Recipes – A Taste Sensation Overload

I admit it.  I love desserts much more than I should.  I’ve gone through just about every phase of dessert cooking there is from light fruit desserts to rich decadent treats that no dieter would be able to look at without gaining a few pounds.   12 Days of Delicious DessertsSince I love sweets so much, it is only normal that I would be looking for the best dessert recipes to feature on my blog.  If I make them all, I will eat them, so sometimes I just drool instead.

A Baker’s Dozen Delicious Desserts.

Right now, I am trying to watch what I eat.  But that does not mean that I can’t enjoy a nice desserts. It just means that the portion size must be small and I can’t have one after breakfast, lunch, dinner and as a snack!

Here are some of my favorites.  The recipes range through all types of desserts.  There is something for all taste buds here.  My only requirement for a recipe to land on this page is that it must taste good, and it must look good.  I truly believe that 3/4 of the appeal of a recipe online is the photograph of it.
With the holidays soon to be upon us, we all need some inspiration for new dessert ideas.  So, grab a cup of coffee, relax and wander through my culinary delights. Bon Appetit!

Key Lime Coconut BarsKey Lime Coconut Bars – Recipe –>>> A feathered Nest

Butterscotch mascarpone cakeButterscotch Mascarpone Cream Layer Cake Recipe –>> Tartalette


Easy M & M CakeEasy M & M Cake . Source Making Life Delicious.

Mudslide and brownie trifleMudslide and brownie trifle.  Looks so delicious – recipe –>> Bakers Royale

Do it Yourself Gourmet ApplesDo it yourself Gourmet Apples – Recipe –>> Our Best Bites

Mini Lemon Meringue PiesMini Lemon Meringue Pies – Get the recipe –>> My Baking AddictionChocolate Macaroon Candy Kiss CookieChocolate Candy Kiss Macaroon Cookie – Get the recipe –>  Rook no. 17

Oreo Frozen Peanut butter DessertOreo Frozen Peanut Butter Dessert – Get the recipe –>>  Kraft

best dessert recipesStrawberry Chocolate chip Mousse – so easy and fast but just delicious – One of my own recipes –> The Gardening Cook

peanut butter chocolate chip cakePeanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cake – Bake or Break

Round up of 10 delectable desserts for your sweet tooth.

chocolate pearsChocolate pears dipped with Almond Crunch.  Bakers Royale

Yoghurt strawberriesStrawberries dipped in yoghurt and then frozen.  Yummy!  Glamor health and diet.

recipeDark Chocolate roses – Tutorialclick here–>  Sweet revelations

Polka dot cheesecakePolka Dot Cheesecake. What a presentation!  The Baker’s Daughter

Cookie Dough FudgeScrumptious looking Cookie Dough Fudge.  Recipe  Jam Hands

Broken Stained Glass JelloBroken Stained Glass Jello – so colorful. The kids will love it!  See how to make it –>> The Food Librarian.

Round up of 12 delicious dessert recipes


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  4 comments for “Best Dessert Recipes – A Taste Sensation Overload

  1. Elizabeth Cojulún
    06/29/2013 at 1:07 pm

    Please could you send me some recipies of cookies such a granola bars, choco chips, please?

    • admin
      06/29/2013 at 2:41 pm

      HI Elizabeth. I don’t have a newsletter at this time but plan to do on at some point in the future. I am not set up to email individual recipes.

      If you go to Pinterest and follow my boards, I put all of my recipes on them.

  2. inez
    07/26/2013 at 6:30 pm

    i’m trying to find “chocolate chip cookie dough bites, the post that i received, stated “now let’s bake”, but there is no time or temperature, only put in fridge. was the bake comment a missprint? as in trying to find the recipe, i did try to search by it’s name, but could not find.

    • admin
      07/26/2013 at 7:35 pm

      Hi Inez. I’m a bit confused. The only chocolate chip one on this page links to a cookie dough fudge.

      It has been quite a while since I posted this, so I am not sure which post you are referring to.


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