Pumpkin Carving Ideas – 10 Carved Pumpkin Designs

Each year at this time, we seem to discover new and unusual ways to carve a pumpkin.  Gone are the traditional Jack 0 Lantern pumpkins, and roll in the new ideas! Looking for some Halloween inspiration? Check out these 10 pumpkin carving ideas.

Top 12 Pumpkin Carvings

It seems that pumpkin carving gets more and more intricate each year. Some of these designs are like a work of art! In fact, this process of carving vegetables is actually called food art!

Pumpkin Carving at its Best

Here are a few of my favorites. They range from a wonderful Santa Claus design in an old world style to various Halloween scenes designs to scare and delight you.

Flame Pumpkins in a log setting for a perfect fire scene.This is one of my favorites.  I love how the flames carved into the pumpkins make the whole display look like a log fire.  Just arrange your pumpkins with the largest on bottom and surround with logs and leaves. So effective!  Get the stencils to carve these pumpkins from BHG.

Old World Santa Claus Pumpkinthis is one of those times that I don’t mind rushing the Christmas holiday. Such a creative carving and very old world looking too!  Source:  Labyrinth Creations.

Carved Owl PumpkinThis one is just adorable.  This pumpkin has been carved into a cute owl.  Idea shared from Remove and replace.

Crazy face pumpkinThis one is so cute.  He looks almost as though he has marshmallow teeth.  Image shared from Flickr.

Harry Potter Carved PumpkinHarry Potter Fans will love this design from Alex Wer.   Alex is a true artist that turns images of famous people into carved pumpkin works of art.  See more designs from Alex here.

Ray Villafane Spooky and Eerie Carved PumpkinRay Villafane is considered by many to be a master of pumpkin carving and this image show just why.  It has incredible detail and texture to it and is so lifelike.   See more of Ray’s creations at Villafane Studios.

Carved Pumpkin CollageIt appears that mother and daughter had the same idea for an article.  My daughter also has a blog called Jess Explains it all.  She recently did a round up of her favorite carved pumpkins and made this collage for them. You can see her article here.

Cat's in The Window Carved PumpkinThis design is one that my daughter featured in her article above.  What is interesting about this one is that it is a faux pumpkin carved with an exacto knife. The design is called Cat in the window.  What artistic skill!  Image shared from Art Beco on Flickr.

Skeleton head pumpkin carving by Ray VillafaneAnother Ray Villafane carving masterpiece. This time it is a realistic skeleton head carving. The guy is an artist!  

Some pumpkins in a pumpkin and a bat to boot!This cute designs is a family of pumpkins carved into a pumpkin with a gate and bat decoration.  Very different from your ordinary design.  You can download the template from it at Dot Com Women.

If these designs have inspired you to create your own design, be sure to read my article “ tips to carving a perfect pumpkin.

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