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The Garden Charmers Interviews

It’s time to meet some of my gardening friends with the Garden Charmers Interviews.

The Garden Charmers on Facebook is a Diverse group of ladies who have widely diverse interests, but one great love…that of gardening.

One of our recent projects was to do About Me pages for our blogs to introduce ourselves, and to let our readers get to know more about us.

The results of these about me pages ended up being included in a series of interviews on Our Fairfield Home and Garden’s blog.

Meet the Garden CharmersThere are 11 ladies in our group and we live in diverse areas, from the US, to Canada, to the Isle of Man and Germany.

Barb Rosen of Our Fairfield Home and Garden recently compiled a series of three interviews with the ladies in our group.  You can read the interviews in full here:

Part 1.  Stephanie, Judy, Karin and Carol (that’s me!)  She says

Part 2. Tanya, Carlene, Jacki and Lynne

Part 3. Heather, Melissa and Barb

And now let’s meet The Garden Charmers and find out a little bit about each of them.

Meet Stephanie from Garden Therapy.Stephanie writes for a site called  Garden Therapy.  She says that she has grown over 100 edible plants and 400 perennials in my garden, has done over 200 garden-related projects and cooks from the garden as much as she can.

Meet Judy from Magic Touch and Her Gardens.Judy from Magic Touch and her Gardens, has created her very own enchanted world with her gardens, inviting nature in and giving it a place to land. Birds, butterflies, as well as plants, including weeds, are featured in her blog. Meet Karin from MarkgraeflerinKarin is the German lady in our group from Markgraeflerin.  She loves the beautiful surroundings she live ins and began to take writes about them as well. If there is a special market or a nice café, she write about it, too. Gardening, cooking, baking and the area she lives in are her favorite blog topics.

Meet Jacki from Drought Smart PlantsJacki from Drought Smart Plants has drought tolerant plants that thrive in challenging conditions as her favorites. She uses Hypertufa, rustic salvage and pantyhose to make interesting crafts to display her plantings.Meet Carlene from Organized ClutterCarlene from Organized Clutter has always been interested in vintage decorating and flower gardening. She started her blog in December of 2011 and named it  “Organized Clutter” because that is what she had nicknamed her decorating style.

Meet Tanya from Lovely GreensTanya from Lovely Greens shares her adventures in gardening, beekeeping, natural soap-making and exploring the beautiful island of the Isle of Man where she now lives.

Meet Lynne from Sensible Gardening and LivingLynne from Sensible Gardening and Living has studied flowers, worked with flowers, painted flowers, designed gardens with flowers and now also talks about flowers in her blog. Meet Heather from New House New Home New LifeHeather of New House, New Home, New life used to write about her family’s new life  in SW Ontario – their new home, garden, plus acclimating to life in a small town versus a big city. She has since closed her blog.

Meet Melissa from The Empress of DirtMelissa from The Empress of Dirt focuses on  creative and frugal home and garden ideas in her blog. Her favorite topics involve making garden art from thrift shop or curbside finds, so she posts a lot of project tutorials.

Meet Barb from Our Fairfield Home and GardenBarb from Our Fairfield Home and Garden takes the most wonderful nature photos!  Flowers and flower gardens are her favorite topics, followed closely by “use what you have” or inexpensive gardening projects and tips that recycle, upcycle and save money but still look great!

Meet Carol from The Gardening CookLast but, hopefully, not least, is me from The Gardening Cook.  This blog is just one of several that I write to full time. My loves are gardening, cooking and DIY projects.

This is just a bit about each of us.  To read the full interviews and find out more, here are the links again to the entire interviews. 

Part 1.  Stephanie, Judy, Karin and Carol (that’s me!)  She says

Part 2. Tanya, Carlene, Jacki and Lynne

Part 3. Heather, Melissa and Barb