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Apple Recipes – My Favorite Way to Bring Fall Apples to the Dinner Table

This collection of apple recipes will make great use of the plentiful harvest of this popular fruit.

Fall is the time of the year when the choice of fruit and vegetables is not as wide as it is earlier in the year.

Some fruits come into their own in Autumn. Apples are one of those. Use the bounty of autumn's apples with one of these 30+ apple recipes. From side dishes, to main courses and desserts, we have you covered. #applerecipes #fallrecipes

Try one of these Apple Recipes

When fall rolls around I love to go apple shopping.  The variety at this time of the year is vast and I can get my favorite Macintosh apples easily.

Apple are crisp which makes them hold up well for baked goods, and their flavor makes a wonderful side dish for many protein choices.Basket of apples

Here are a few of my favorite apple recipes to help you welcome fall.  The recipes range from cakes, to pies, to apple sauce and recipes

My caramel apple recipe takes a plain apple and turns it into a culinary masterpiece!   The sauce on the top tastes just amazing!

Caramel baked applesForget store bought granola bars. Turn apples, peanut butter and oatmeal into apple and peanut butter snack bars. The kids will love these!

Apple peanut butter snack bar from

Everyone’s favorite fall fruit combines with pecans and cornbread stuffing to make these delicious apple pecan stuffed pork chops that are perfect for fall.Apple pecan stuffed pork chopsOh my!  What a decadent dish this looks to be.

Stephanie makes individual sized apple pies and tops them with ice cream and caramel. They are like a caramel apple in a pie! Mini apple pie with dulce from

This is one of my latest apple recipes – a  Dutch Apple streusel pie with raisins.  It is rich and has a lovely crunchy topping.
Dutch apple streusel pie

Mmmm…mmmm Apple cider tartlets. This amazing dessert has a flaky crust and rich apple filling.Apple tartlets from

My home made applesauce is easy to make and full of flavor with fresh ground nutmeg and cinnamon.

Home made apple sauce

These yummy apple buttermilk muffins have a delicious caramel glaze that is super tasty.Apple buttermilk muffins with a caramel glaze

These baked apple slices are the perfect side dish for any pork recipe. They are easy to prepare and super tasty, too.
baked apple slices

This plate apple cheesecake bars will disappear quickly. They are creamy and sweet and have a lovely caramel drizzle that takes the dessert to a whole new level.Apple cheeescake bars

I used an ordinary Dutch apple pie and turned it into these amazing apple crumble baked apples, for this delicious recipe.Apple crumble baked apples

These hasselback baked apples are sliced partly through and drizzled with butter and brown sugar and then topped with a delicious apple crumble.  It is an apple dessert to die for!tasting the hasselback baked apples

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More Apple Recipes

If you are still looking for inspiration, try one of these recipes with apples as the star.

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Friday 31st of January 2020

Great list of fall apple recipes, nice content, good read and informative.

Carolyn Pinkerton

Sunday 15th of September 2019

Can't wait to make these treats!

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