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Hosta Stained Glass – Sun Tolerant Variegated Plantain Lily

This variegated hosta is called Hosta Stained Glass. It is a sun tolerant hosta variety that adds a vibrant and dramatic punch to any semi sunny border or garden bed.

Hosta "stained glass"Variegated hosta that is sun tolerant.

My husband and I love to tour botanical gardens, such as the JR Raulston Arboretum in Raleigh, North Carolina. This botanical garden features plants that do well in our neck of the woods.

They have a spectacular show of hostas.

Another visit to The Springfield Botanical Gardens in Missouri, also gave us a chance to tour their White Garden and Hosta Gardens, which are amazing.

Hosta Stained Glass was in all it’s summer time glory when we last visited.Hosta stained glass at Springfield Botanical Garden

I have a large collection of hostas in my shade garden, but not many of the sun tolerant varieties so I was pleased to come across this variegated hosta that has different tones of color in the leaves and can take the sun.

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Hosta Stained Glass is a sun tolerant variety of hosta with variegated leaves. Use it in borders or as edging in semi-sunny or shady locations. #hosta #perennial #hostastainedglass Click To TweetHosta plant - variety "stained glass"

Hosta ‘Stained Glass’

  • Family: sport of ‘Guacamole’ – Introduced by Shady Oaks Nursery in Minnesota.
  • Genus: Hosta
  • Cultivar: Stained Glass
  • Hosta of the year in 2006. (American Hosta Growers Association)

The plant grows to a height of 16-20 inches and a spread of 35 – 47 inches. It has a medium rate of growth.

puffy variegated hosta leaves

The leaves of this lovely hosta plant are symmetrical with a puffy texture that becomes more pronounced as it matures from year to year.

While most hostas perform better in the shade, this variegated hosta will achieve the best color in its leaves if it gets some direct sunlight. It can take full shade to filtered sun.

If the plant gets the right sunlight conditions, it will give a fabulous show of yellow green and dark green leaves.stained glass hosta leaves

If you have an area of your garden that transitions between both sun and shade, hosta stained glass is a good choice, since it can grow in both locations.

The more sun that the plant receives, the brighter the leaves become. The color stays true even in summer heat.

Watering, cold hardiness and flower color

Water regularly – at least weekly, and more often in times of extreme heat.

Hosta stained glass has bell shaped pale lavender flowers that appear in mid to late summer.  The flowers clump on top of 3 foot tall scapes.A sun tolerant Hosta plant that is dramatic and colorful

Cold hardy in zones 3-9. The plant grows from a rhizome. This hosta variety likes moderately moist soil and is not too particular about soil type.

Uses and propagation of this sun tolerant hosta variety

Hosta stained glass is great for mass plantings, as a border plant or in planters or tubs. While not deer-resistant, this hosta is not as appealing to deer as some other varieties. Rabbits seem to leave it alone, however!

Propagate easily by division in either spring or fall. This will give you new plants for free.  The plant goes dormant in the fall and reappears again in early spring.

Good companion plants for this hosta are coral bells, columbine, variegated liriope and bleeding heart.

General Growing tips for Hostas

Hostas do best in part shade in well draining soil. Adding compost helps to make sure the soil does not get too wet and also adds extra nourishment for the soil.

Some varieties can take a bit of sunlight, but most of them do not like full sun. The average hosta plant does well under the shade of trees with plants like coral bells and liriope.

hostas and liriope under the shade of a tree

This perennial plant is tough and versatile. Generally speaking, the plants with the greenest leaves are the most shade tolerant and those with more color and variegation can take the sun better.

As a rule, hostas start to grow quite late in the spring, but quickly fill in their allotted spots in the garden.  Hostas may take 2-5 years to reach their mature size so keep this in mind when planting.

Fairly disease resistant but be on the lookout for slug and snails.

More Hosta Varieties:

If you enjoy shade loving plants, these are some other hosta varieties to check out.

Want to know what to grow in the garden along with hostas?  Check out my post for hosta companion plants for some ideas.

Where to purchase Hosta Stained Glass

Several online venues have this lovely hosta plant for sale.

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Yield: Sun Tolerant Plantain Lily

How to Grow Hosta Stained Glass

Hosta Stained Glass is a sun tolerant hosta variety that is great in borders or semi sunny garden beds. It is easy to grow and has great color.

Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty easy
Estimated Cost $25


  • Hosta Stained Glass plant
  • Compost
  • Good garden soil


  • Hose or watering can.


  1. Plant hosta stained glass as a live plant or as a bare rooted rhizome.
  2. Add compost for nourishment in the planting hole.
  3. Space plants about 3 feet apart (plant grows to 35-47" wide and 16-20" tall.)
  4. Water well and keep watering once a week until it is established. (more in very hot weather.)
  5. Choose a spot that transitions from shade to semi-sunny. The more sun the plant gets, the brighter the leaves will be.
  6. Leaf color is pale yellow green puffy centers with deeper green margins.
  7. Cold hardiness is zones 3-9.
  8. Propagate from division in either spring or fall.
  9. The plant gets lavender flowers on tall stalks in mid summer.

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