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Hosta Minuteman – Tips for Growing Plantain Lily

Hosta Minuteman is a delight in a shade garden with its deep white margins. It makes a great container plant and will stand out against other plain green hostas in any shady garden spot. This plant is one of the few hostas that don’t mind more sun as long as you take care to keep it well watered.

Hosta Minuteman has wide white margins and deep green centers. It is a standout in any shade garden..

If you are looking for a star of the shade garden, Hosta Minuteman is the perfect plant.  It has gleaming white leaf edges against a dark green center that makes it a standout in the garden.

This plant is right at home with other shade loving plants.  Want to know what to grow in the garden along with hostas?  Check out my post for hosta companion plants for some ideas.

Hostas are some of the most popular perennials for shady garden beds and there are hundreds of varieties now available. I like to add a new hosta to my collection each year and am always looking for new types.

Tips for growing Hosta Minuteman

Give this plant a semi shady spot in well draining soil and then be amazed all summer long at the fabulous leaf color that this hosta brings to your garden.  Here are some general growing tips for Minuteman Hosta.

Sunlight Needs:

The plant prefers part Shade to Full Shade but is a Hosta type that will tolerate more sun if you give it plenty of moisture.

Variegated hostas can generally take a little more light than the all green varieties. For another variegated hosta that is a very fast grower, check out Hosta ‘Yellow Splash Rim’.

FlowersFlowers of Hosta Minuteman

Like most hostas, Hosta Minuteman is has lily like bell shaped flowers that sit atop long stems.  The flowers appear in mid summer. They are a light purple color and can be used for cut flowers.


This perennial is not meant for tight spaces. You will need to give Hosta Minuteman room to grow.  The plant is a vigorous grower but will take a few years to reach its full size.  MInuteman will grow to 10-18″ tall and up to 36″ wide.

Bloom Time:

The plant blooms in early to mid Summer and the bell shaped flowers are a favorite of hummingbirds.

Cold Hardiness Zones

Hosta Minuteman is a perennial.  Once it has been planted, it will die back in the fall but will come back every year in spring. It is cold hardy in zones 3 to 8

LeavesLeaves of Hosta minuteman

The leaves of Hosta Minuteman are very showy, especially when planted near other plain green hostas.  They are spade shaped with a pointed tip and cupped edges and have lots of variegation. 

The margins are very white with dark green leaf shaped centers.  The foliage is very similar to Hosta Patriot, but with whiter margins and darker centers.

For another popular variegated variety, check out hosta wheee!

Soil Needs

Plant this perennial in fall or early spring.  Minuteman prefers well draining soil, but will tolerate many soil types from clay to loamy. Adding compost to the soil is very beneficial for its growth.


Hosta Minute man is an ideal shade garden plant. The flowers attract hummingbirds, and it is rabbit resistant. The long stemmed flowers are useful as cut flowers for vases and it makes a wonderful container plant for a shady spot on your patio or front entry.  The plant is somewhat slug resistant as compared to other hostas.

PropagationHosta minuteman will get to a large size easily

Get more plants for free by dividing a large hosta.  The plant multiplies and naturalizes easily and will soon take over a spot in your garden. Keep this in check by dividing the plant, making sure that each clump has a good root system.  Division can be done in spring or fall.

Companion plants

Plant Hosta Minuteman near other shade loving plants such as Coral Bells, ferns, astilbe, and bleeding heart

Hostas are very popular perennials. They are very versatile and their foliage really stands out in a shade garden.  Give Hosta Minuteman the right light and water it when the weather is really hot. You’ll be rewarded with years of beauty from this stunning plant.

Growing Hosta Minuteman is easy with part shade and even moisture.

More Hosta Varieties

If you enjoy hostas as much as I do, check out these varieties as well. They are also great for a shade garden.


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Monday 2nd of August 2021

My minuteman hosta has more yellow leaf tips? It's not the bright white that everyone mentions. What is this a sign of?

Carol Speake

Tuesday 3rd of August 2021

It is hard to say without examining the plant in person. There are several varieties of variegated hostas that look alike, Some have yellow tips not white, so your plant may have been mislabeled.

Claudia Young

Monday 6th of April 2020

Can the minuteman plantain lily be grown in full sun at least 6 to 8 hours of morning to afternoon sun

Carol Speake

Monday 6th of April 2020

Hi Claudia. No. Most hostas need shade or semi shade conditions to do well. The plant will grow in sun, but the leaves will easily scorch and won't do well.

Sharon Wilson

Tuesday 23rd of April 2019

Can the minuteman plantain lily be grown inside


Tuesday 23rd of April 2019

Hi Sharon. Yes, it can be grown indoors. Typically hostas are grown outside in the shade, but if you choose a large pot and give the plant indirect sunlight (no direct sunny windows) it should grow just fine.

Columbus Crayton

Sunday 10th of March 2019

this is my first time planting, Hosta minuteman The color is what caught m attention. I am new to gardening I HAVE A SHADY SPOT IN MY YARD WHERE NOTHING GROWS. I THOUGHT THIS MIGHT BE MY MATCH, WISH ME LUCK.


Monday 11th of March 2019

Hope it grows well for you!

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