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Hosta Yellow Splash Rim – Plant this Rapid Grower in Shade Gardens

This quick growing hosta plant is called Hosta ‘Yellow Splash Rim’.  It is easy to see where the common name comes from by looking at the colorful leaf margins of the plant.

Hosta 'Yellow Splash Rim' - quick growing hosta plant.

I recently toured the JR Raulston Arboretum and had a great time looking at their shade garden which included many hosta plants.

I have a large collection of hostas in my shade garden, so I am always on the look out for new and interesting varieties.  

Variegated hostas particularly appeal to me,(check out hosta wheee! too) so I was delighted to find Hosta ‘Yellow Splashed Rim.”

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Hosta ‘Yellow Splash Rim’

  • Family: Liliaceae
  • Genus: Hosta
  • Cultivar: ‘Yellow Splash Rim’

This pretty perennial hosta has lance shaped dark green leaves with cream margins. The leaves have an undulating effect that is just lovely.Leaves of Yellow Splash Rim Hosta

The margins start out as yellow in the spring and turn to a creamy white in summer. The plant was registered by The American Hosta Society in 1986.

Yellow Splash Rim Hosta

The plant is a rapid grower that reaches a height of 18 inches and can grow to about 36 inches wide. Because of its fast growing habit, it makes a great ground cover, and is good for mass plantings.

Hosta ‘Yellow Splash Rim’ has bell shaped lavender flowers in summer.  The flowers clump on top of scapes.

Cold hardy in zones 2-8 – it does not like the hot heat of warmer zones. The plant grows from a rhizome, and likes light to moderate shade.

Hosta ‘Yellow splash rim’ is a sport of Hosta Yellow Splash. Plant it in light and airy soil that has been amended with compost or other organic matter.

Propagate by division. This will give you new plants for free

General Growing tips for Hostas including Yellow Splash Rim

Hostas do best in part shade in well draining soil. Adding compost helps to make sure the soil does not get too wet.

Some varieties can take a bit of sunlight, but most of them do not like full sun.

Shade garden with hostas and ferns

This perennial plant is tough and versatile. Generally speaking, the plants with the greenest leaves are the most shade tolerant and those with more color and variegation can take the sun better.

As a rule, hostas start to grow quite late in the spring, but quickly fill in their allotted spots in the garden.  Hostas may take 2-5 years to reach their mature size so keep this in mind when planting.

Fairly disease resistant but be on the lookout for slug and snails.

More Hosta Varieties:

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