Fall Table Decoration with Ghourds

I love to reuse items to make them into new projects.   This fall table DIY project was a special treat for me to do.  It features a very special plate that was given to me last Christmas by my daughter, Jess.

Platter decorated with ghourds for fall

Jess spent a semester abroad studying at Hull University. While there she purchased this lovely concave shaped platter with glass mosaic tiles and a turtle design. The platter is on display as it is most of the time, but I wanted to use it for a fall vignette since it is a perfect shape to hold gourds. It is also a perfect fall color.

Decorate your Fall Table with a DIY Ghourd Project.

Turtle mosaic platter.The project could not have been easier.  I like projects that can be put together quickly and then when I am tired of them, I like to reuse bits and pieces of old projects to save money.  This one was ideal for that. 

suppliesI assembled my supplies:  (affiliate links)

Making a bowThe bow was pretty easy to do.  I used a 28 inch piece of wire wrapped ribbon and made four loops. I twisted the ribbon between each loop to keep the design on the top.  After it was formed, I cut a small piece of the jute and tied it tightly, inserting a floral pin .

gourdsOne of the gourds was a lightweight paper maché style.  I inserted the floral pin into it so that the bow would stay put.  Next I arranged the gourds and the bow on the plate.

silk flowersAnd the silk leaves.  I added a few extra outside of the bowl for effect.

That is all there is to it.  About 10 minutes and $3 and I have a lovely fall table decoration that will satisfy me until I get a yen to change it out.

Jess has a website too. Be sure to have a look:  Jess Explains it all.

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