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Hurricane Lamp Fall Centerpiece – Rustic Autumn Table Decor

This hurricane lamp fall centerpiece combines the colors of fall into a super quick and easy to make rustic table decor that will grace any autumn table. It would look lovely on a Thanksgiving table.

Fall is the time for rustic decor projects in muted tones of autumn leaves. 

Keep reading to learn how to make a fun fall centerpiece using popcorn and other beans and seeds.

This hurricane lamp fall centerpiece is super easy to make and very inexpensive, as well. #falldecor #tablescapeFall is just full of colors and natural elements that make them the perfect choice for supplies to use for autumn decorating.

I enjoy making inexpensive home decor projects that can be put together in minutes but still look nice when displayed.

You don’t have to purchase expensive craft items for this easy project. 

I just opened my pantry and there were my fall colors! Beans, split peas and popcorn go perfectly together and have just the look I want for this project.beans, popcorn and split peas

Making this hurricane lamp fall centerpiece is quick and easy.

To make this project, you’ll need just a few supplies. I gathered these items together:

  • some dried beans
  • a small glass
  • a tall vase
  • an old toilet paper tube
  • some moss and jute
  • a Dollar store candle with autumn leaves on it
  • hot glue gun and glue sticksIngredients for the hurricane lamp centerpiece

Since I wanted to keep the costs down for this project, purchasing a hurricane lamp shaped vase was out of the question. But a quick trip to my favorite thrift store gave me just what I needed for $1.50. 

I picked up a clear glass vase and small tumbler that fit the bottom of it perfectly. A quick dab of hot glue between them and I got the vessel I wanted for much less than a purchased one. (my grandmother would be proud!)

You could even use an existing vase and tumbler that fit together in size and not bother to glue them, if you are in a pinch for time and want to re-use your materials.Finished hurricane lamp

To give the candle something to sit on and allow me to use less beans and peas, I inserted an old toilet paper tube in the center and tacked it in place. 

The holder was exactly the height to match my vessel but if yours is smaller, it might need trimming to allow the candle to sit at the right height.  Beans went in first, followed by green split peas.

I also added some moss to the lower section for a rustic look.Making the layers

Now put in the candle and pour the popcorn as the top layer.  The leaves on the pumpkin go nicely with my colors! I still can’t believe I bought it for just $1!Adding the layers of beans and seeds

The final step is to tie a piece of jute around the center in a bow. I also cut out a piece of felt and pushed it under the moss to keep it from ending up on my table underneath.

There is no need for glue, the glass stuck to the moss just fine.Adding a jute bow and moss base

Tada!  This pretty fall hurricane lamp centerpiece cost me less that $5 and took all of about 20 minutes.  I love the way it turned out, don’t you?

The dried beans and seeds combination seem perfect for the mood of Thanksgiving.Finished hurricane lamp centerpiece

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Time to stage my hurricane lamp fall centerpiece.

I love to use existing decor projects to make little vignettes for my projects. In this case, some gourds, and my clay pot pumpkin add just the right bit of extra decor to this centerpiece.

A few dried leaves that match my pumpkin complete the scene giving me a lovely rustic fall look..hurricane lamp centerpiece

Have unexpected guests coming over for dinner?  If you are looking for an easy project that will add some seasonal decor in a hurry at very little cost, try making this hurricane lamp centerpiece. 

Your friends will love it and will never know that you put it together in less than a half hour!

Yield: 1 table display

Hurricane Lamp Fall Centerpiece - Rustic Autumn Table Decor

hurricane lamp centerpiece

This hurricane glass candle holder is super simple to put together but looks great on any table.

Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty easy
Estimated Cost $5-$10


  • some dried beans
  • a small glass
  • a tall vase
  • an old toilet paper tube
  • some moss and jute
  • a Dollar store candle with autumn leaves on it.


  1. Glue the small glass to the bottom of the glass vase to give you a hurricane lamp vessel.
  2. Insert the toilet paper holder in the center of the vase.
  3. Layer the beans and split peas around the paper holder.
  4. Add some dried moss to the bottom glass.
  5. Place the small candle on top of the paper holder.
  6. Add the popcorn until it comes half way up the candle.
  7. Cut a piece of jute and tie it around the join between the vase and glass.
  8. Display with pride.

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