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Musical Planters – Creative Gardening Ideas

My major in college was music, so I am drawn to anything that uses musical instruments, whether it be gardening projects or DIY ideas.

Musical instruments make great garden planters. Most of them have an opening in them somewhere that a plant can fit. And when done, they are unique and different from the standard planter.

Using recycled items for garden decor projects is a pet favorite of mine, too.

Music Planters

Creatively Gardening with Musical Planters

Here are some of my favorites:

Halloween pumpkin DIY musical planterThis neat idea uses a Dollar store plastic pumpkin, some mode podge and sheet music to come up with a really great looking Halloween or Thanksgiving decor project. 

See the tutorial at Eclectically Vintage.

Musical planters add a touch of whimsy to my garden bed

These musical planters were so much fun. I spray painted clarinets and trumpets and planted them for a fun look.  See the musical planter project here.

Player piano turned into a garden water featureThis photo from the Philadelphia flower show features an old player piano turned into a creative water feature for your garden. Source: Pinterest

Rolled up Sheet musica planter

This interesting planter is made by using rolled up sheet music tied with twine, a cute planter found at a clearance sale, and a paper whites from Trader Joes. 

All for under $20.  Image shared from Pinterest.

Gramaphone planter - uniqueThis one is so creative. It is made of two parts – the horn of a gramophone and then a small round try beside it containing an old record. 

Plant the horn with one plant and moss around the record a unique planter that will get lots of rave reviews.  Idea shared from A roll a Week.

Drum ContainersDrums make the ideal container for succulents. They already have the indentation in the top area and succulents have very shallow root systems, so they are a perfect match.   

Idea shared from Arigna Gardener.

Piano Garden PlanterThis old piano and piano stool has been transformed into a garden planter masterpiece.  Every part of the piano is used for plants and flowers and then some.

Would make a lovely focal point in a large garden.  Image shared from Studio Blog on Indulgy.

Double Bass used as a garden planterThis is just a stunning display.  My guess is that it is outside of a musical theater building. The new guinea impatiens cover it and the bow is still standing there for effect.

A Double Bass like this is very large, so this display would probably be five or six feet wide. So effective!.  Image shared from Foto Community

Vienna's City Gardens music displayThese are not planters, although the chair  seats could easily be filled with flowers.  But the whole image seems fitting in this article about musical planters. 

The image is from Vienna’s City Gardens shared via Martha’s Vienna.

Real Turntable with planter section.Do you have a cool $1600 to spare?  If you do, then this working turntable with a planter section could be yours. 

The planter is made from solid sustainably-produced bamboo and finished with hand-rubbed polyurethane and paste wax. 

This one is available from Audiowood at Etsy. But if you don’t have the cash, and do have an old turn table that works, perhaps you could make something similar yourself!

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