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My Hydrangea Wreath Make Over

It’s time for my hydrangea wreath make over. The blooms have changed colors and they are perfect for a fall look.

A couple of weeks ago, I did a tutorial on how to make a wreath from Hydrangea blossoms. When I made the wreath, it had color (sort of a green a burgundy color) with a blue bow – shown in the picture below.

As the blossoms dried, the wreath took on brownish tones. The blossoms dried beautifully and did not drop at all onto the front doorway, so I decided to give it a make over.

Those dried flowers also have seeds which can be collected to grow plants.

Check out my guide to propagating hydrangeas, which shows photos of cuttings, tip rooting, air layering and division of hydrangeas to learn more.

Finished wreath

Hydrangea Wreath gets a Fall Face Lift

Normally, when a wreath made from fresh flowers has been on the door for a while, the decaying colors mean that new greenery is needed. Not so with this hydrangea wreath. 

The brownish colors are perfect for fall! All it needs is a new bow and a few craft decorations for a totally new look.

Dried Hydrangea wreathI made a new bow from a roll of wire wrapped ribbon that I got from Michael’s craft store for $1. You can see the tutorial for this bow making project on my sister site:  Always the Holidays.

New BowThe wreath needed a bit more to make it pop, so I used the cat’s tails pieces from the Scarecrow planter that I took apart recently and added some silk flowers from a Fall pick that I got at the Dollar store.

Extra fall pick piecesI just tied on the new bow, pushed in the sprigs of the picks and voila!  A new wreath!

Dried Hydrangea Wreath Make Over

The new wreath cost me $2 and looks totally different from the one that I originally made.

Do you redo your craft projects and reuse the materials?  Tell us of your experiences in the comment section below.

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Saturday 8th of February 2014

Hi Sharla,

thank you so much for the kind comments. Welcome to the blog! Carol

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