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Hydrangea Flowers are Great in Arrangments

A few weeks ago, we had an outdoor party to celebrate my daughter’s graduation from college.  I cut some flowers from my hydrangea bushes to decorate the tables and then brought them indoors as cut flowers. These hydrangea flowers lasted about 11 days and looked gorgeous.Hydrangea flowers.

Hydrangea flowers last well indoors.

Most of them were done today, so I saved the best and added some more from my two huge Hydrangea bushes. Both are in filtered morning sun with full afternoon sunlight and are just gorgeous.

Both also were peach colored last year but the mulch broke down and added to the acidic nature of the soil so they are blue beauties this year.

Here are a couple of photos of them.  Aren’t they lovely?


This is a close up of the bush outside.  The flowers are enormous! Some up to six or seven  inches wide!Hydrangeas as cut flowersHere they are as cut flowers inside.  I have two full vases of them today.  They will last for almost two weeks!

Hydrangea bushOne of the bushes in all its glory.

The flowers on hydrangeas will eventually dry on the bush.  They contain seeds that can be used to grow new plants.  Find out more in my guide to propagating hydrangeas, which shows photos of cuttings, tip rooting, air layering and division of hydrangeas.

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