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Today’s Kitchen Tip – How to Hull Strawberries with a Straw

Today’s kitchen tip shows how to hull your strawberries with a drinking straw to save the waste that comes with cutting the top off, or the time that it takes to use a knife to hull each one properly.Today's kitchen tip: Hull your strawberries easily with a drinking straw.

Hull Strawberries with a Straw to save waste.

Our family eats strawberries year round.  They are one of our favorite fruits.  We use them in desserts, on cereal, and as a quick snack.

But when it comes time to get them ready, if I cut the end off the berries, I end up wasting fruit.  And taking out a paring knife to core them properly seem too much off a bother.  Plate of strawberries

Cutting off the end of the strawberry wastes a lot of the fruit.  There is no need to do this any more.don't cut the end offToday’s tip is a fun way to core them quickly. The kids will love to do this too!  All you need is a thick plastic drinking straw.

I used the bendy straws and found that the area above the bend works best. It keeps the straw from collapsing to use this end, since a tiny bit of the inside of the strawberry stops at the bend part and it stabilizes the straw.hull strawberries with a strawCenter the straw on the bottom of the strawberry and give it a little push up through the center.  Try to hit the leafy part right in the comes the stemThe top will pop off and only a tiny bit of the center of the strawberry will be lost.

Such a difference from the one on the top right that was done with a knife.hulled strawberriesI love the way the strawberries keep their shape too when they are sliced in half.   They look almost whole on the plate but can be easily arranged and won’t topple over.Slice strawberries and English muffinsHope you liked the tip!  Have you ever tried to hull your strawberries this way?

Today's kitchen tip. Use a plastic drinking straw to easily hull strawberries. The kids will love to help!

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