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DIY Book Page Pumpkin

Today’s featured DIY post comes to use from Painted up Glam. Her project is easy and yet very cute and one that I’d love to see displayed. It would be suitable for either Halloween or Thanksgiving. Book Page Pumpkin

Easy Book Page Pumpkin

To make a book page pumpkin of your own you will need just a few supplies:

  • 1.)A book
  • 2) Some Scissors
  • 3) A pumpkin shaped stencil (easy to make!)
  • 4) Glue

To make the book,  you cut out a stencil and then use the spine of the book to make the “flaps.” and then open them up.  I remember doing a project something like this in school!

Angie from Pintorella shared this tutorial with my readers. She no longer has this site, but you can get some basic instructions on this post.

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