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DIY Scrap Wood Pumpkins – Cute Fall Curb Appeal

These scrap wood pumpkins started out life as an old mail box post that was left over when I gave our front mail box a makeover this summer.

I love making home decor projects that either use supplies I have on hand or can be recycled from something else. 

My husband is a hoarder of old wood and had a lot of four by four timber. He uses it in all sorts or word working projects.

We used some of it to repurpose an old mailbox for my garden tool storage.

I had plenty left and decided to use some for these whimsical pumpkins.These reclaimed wood pumpkins started out as an old mail box post. They are easy and fun to do and add great curb appeal. #halloweendecor #fallDIY

I just love this time of the year.  It kind of lets me be a kid for a while. When ,u daughter Jess was a little girl, my husband called me the Christmas fairy, but truth be told, I was the fall fairy.

I cooked and decorated and crafted my way through those 3 or 4 months.  Even though Jess is grown, I still enjoy doing “young at heart” kinds of projects. 

But I also hate wasting money for some thing that will only be used for a few weeks and then discarded. 

I just keep all my bits and pieces and move them from one project to another.  And of course, the Dollar store is my crafting friend!

Using reclaimed wood makes this project a thrifty one. This old mailbox post had definitely seen better days, hasn’t it?Old mailbox

Who would have thought that it was a bunch of pumpkins and a tool storage place just wanting to be reborn?

These adorable scrap wood pumpkins are easy to make and will add great curb appeal to your front steps.

To make this project you will need the following supplies. Be sure to check your local Dollar store too.  Many of these supplies are available this time of the year.)

  • 3 pieces of 4 x 4 wood scraps.  I used a 4″, 6″ and 8″ piece.
  • 3 pieces of tree branches for stems
  • Raffia for hair
  • Acrylic paint (I used two shades of orange, black and white)
  • Brown pipe cleaner
  • Artist paint brush
  • Black paint pen
  • Autumn floral picks

The wood from my mail box post was in pretty bad shape, so I filled and sanded it to minimize the cracks on the area that I planned to paint.  

Once painted orange, I used a paint pen to outline the faces to have a pattern to paint.  sand and painted woodI painted my faces free hand just looking at the pattern, but if you are not comfortable doing that, you can use this free printable and some transfer paper to transfer the faces to your wood for painting.Pumpkin face printableThe next thing to do was to go out into my yard in search of the perfect pumpkin stems.

I had made my faces quite different – one girly, one funky and one a bit puzzled, so I knew that I wanted different stems for each. 

As luck would have it, my back yard trees cooperated. I ended up with three quite different pumpkin stems.Pieces of wood for pumpkin stemsNow I pulled out my floral picks. I always keep a bunch of them on hand because I like to use pieces of them in crafts.

I decided my girly girl needed a sunflower and found a pretty one with burlap petals that were perfect for the job. 

Some pussy willow pieces matched my stem from my magnolia tree with attached buds and the little guy got a gumball looking thingie.decor for pumpkin stemsAll that was needed now was to paint the faces with my acrylic paint and when it was dry to add the raffia hair. A black paint pen outlines any rough painting areas and gives the faces a finishing touch. 

I gave the guy a crew cut, the girly girl some long hair and my little funky guy just got a funky hair cut.

Aren’t they cute? (although the girly girl needs a bit of eyebrow waxing but what are you gonna do when the paint is dried?)

scrap wood pumpkins

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Recycled wood, some craft supplies and some paint turn pieces of scrap wood in to pumpkins for this fun fall decorating project. Find out how to make these fun wood pumpkins on The Gardening Cook.  Share on X

Time to stage the scrap wood pumpkins on my steps. 

I used pine cones, some faux pumpkins and a bit of moss, plus a couple of spiders, just because it’s close to Halloween. I’ll remove the spiders as we get closer to Thanksgiving.Scrap wood pumpkins with moss and pine conesMy favorite part of the scrap wood pumpkins is the teeth on the two larger ones. They look like little kids – all toothy and grinny. So much fun!Use reclaimed wood and my printable to make these adorable scrap wood pumpkins #autumn #pumpkintime

Have you ever used reclaimed wood in a decor project? Tell us about it in the comments below. I’d love to see your projects.These DIY scrap wood pumpkins are easy to make, a lot of fun and add some great seasonal curb appeal to your front step. See my site for the tutorial as well as the free pumpkin face printable.. #reclaimedwood #scrapwoodpumpkins #halloweendecor

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Monday 19th of October 2015

These are adorable!!


Monday 19th of October 2015

Thanks Heather. They were so much fun to make.


Saturday 17th of October 2015

I love these! What a nice change


Saturday 17th of October 2015

Sort of quirky but I love them too!

Renee Fuller

Friday 16th of October 2015

This is a super cute idea for Halloween


Friday 16th of October 2015

They were a ball to make!

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