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Spooky Halloween Wooded Decorations – Pumpkin Witch Cat Ghost Decor

These DIY Halloween wooden decorations have been a favorite yard decor idea for our family for years.

When my daughter was much younger, I was very much into all sorts of crafts. I especially loved decorating for the various holidays because she loved what I came up with for decorations.

This project takes more time than most of my craft ideas, but it gives you a set of decorations that you can store and reuse year after year. The neighborhood kids will love them!

Keep reading to see how I made this Halloween yard decor project.

DIY Spooky Halloween Wooden Cut Out Yard Decorations

DIY Halloween Cut Outs

One being happy with just one decoration (call me an over achiever!), I decided to do a full set of large Halloween cut out decorations to put on your front lawn.

I have a limited amount of talent for painting but it takes me a long time to get perspective right.  So, for this project, I purchased a dollar store Halloween coloring book.

Coloring bookI found the images I wanted and put a grid over the pages so that I could make a larger template. The next steps were fun. 

Jess colored the photos of the pictures we had chosen the way she wanted them.  I applied a grid to the photos in the coloring book.

grid over cat and pumpkinThe next step was to take two large pieces of newspaper and make lines with markers on it. This gave me an idea of shape and how to paint the project when it was done.

newspaper grid

Note: Power tools, electricity, and other items used for this project can be dangerous unless used properly and with adequate precautions, including safety protection. Please use extreme caution when using power tools and electricity. Always wear protective equipment, and learn to use your tools before you start any project.

My husband took over next.  We laid the newspaper template on a piece of chip board and he used his jig saw to cut out the shapes.

Jigsaw and wooden cut outI added grid lines to my cut out using a pencil.

transferred grid Using the two grids that I had prepared, I just got out weather proof paint and painted the design as closely as I could following the grid patterns. 

Wooden Halloween cut out decorations

The decorations took a few hours to paint and allow to dry, but they turned out well.

Ghost decoration

What would Halloween be without a ghost decoration?

I love his little green striped hat. The ghost was the easiest decoration to do. Very little painting was involved, after the white paint was applied.

DIY Ghost

This ghost never fails to delight the children who come for trick or treating time.

For another easy Halloween ghost be sure to check out how I added wiggle eyes to my old man cactus to make a Halloween ghost for my next scary party.

Cat wooden decoration

Black cats are a symbol of Halloween, so they needed to make an appearance in my decorations.

It is only fitting that the cat is popping out of a pumpkin – another Halloween symbol.

DIY Cat and Pumpkin

Wooden wicked witch decoration

Witches abound on Halloween, from costumes to fun Halloween treats.

This wicked witch is taking a ride on her broomstick this Halloween night. Since the bulk of this decoration was painted black, it was ready in a flash, too.

DIY Witch

Pumpkin head ghost decoration

This cute yard decoration is two symbols in one, the pumpkin and the ghost.

I love his happy smile. He won’t be scaring any neighborhood kids this year!

DIY Pumpkin Ghost

Friendly ghost decoration

It seems I have a thing for friendly ghosts. This one looks a bit like Casper the Ghost to me. 

I loved that cartoon show as a kid and wanted to share him with my daughter.

DIY Casper Ghost

Finishing the wooden decorations

The wooden Halloween decorations needed something to help them stand on the front lawn.

We used a two by two piece of wood with an ended that was cut to a point, They were easy to attach to the back of the cut outs.

Then we just pounded them into the ground and the project was finished.

post to stand them upAnd here they are all lined up.  The kids in our neighborhood just love them!

DIY Spooky Halloween Cut outs

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