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Chocolate Raspberry Swirled Mini Cheesecakes

These chocolate raspberry swirled mini cheesecakes are the perfect bite of summertime freshness.  Your party guests will love them!

Summer is the time for me to use fresh fruits in many of my cheesecake recipes.  I love the lightness that they give to the dinner menu, and they are perfect to serve when you have a BBQ or grill party. 

These pretty cheesecakes have a lovely swirl effect on top. One of my favorite dessert ideas!

These chocolate raspberry swirled mini cheesecakes are the perfect ending to any special occasion.

Enjoy the Taste of summer with these Chocolate Raspberry swirled Mini Cheesecakes.

Fresh berries and cheesecake go hand and hand in my book.  It made perfect sense for me to pair them together for this delightful miniature version.Fresh RaspberriesI love raspberries all year round, but during the summer time, since they are so plentiful (and less expensive), I can indulge more often.

Making the raspberry swirl is easy. All you need is a fine mesh strainer. Strain the raspberry mixture

The swirl is just the right consistency and it is so bright and colorful.  Raspberry swirl

The mini delights are full of flavor. They are easy to make and look so pretty when you serve them too.  I used a chocolate colored cupcake liner to give them a high end look. chocolate cupcake linersIt was fun to make this recipe.  Once the cheese cake mixture is added to your chocolate cupcake bases, the fun starts.  You just place a few dots of the raspberry swirl on each the raspberry swirl

Next take a toothpick and swirl a pretty design.  The design bakes right into the cheesecake and makes them so pretty.swirl the raspberry pureeThey can be decorated with some extra fresh raspberries and mint sprigs.  Won’t they look lovely on the table?

chocolate raspberry swirled mini cheesecakesIf you are looking for a tasty dessert that is fairly easy to prepare but nice enough to serve at a fancy dinner party, you can’t go wrong with these Raspberry swirled mini cheesecakes. Chocolate raspberry swirled mini cheesecakes

I decided to submit my recipe for these perfect sized mini cheesecakes. 

I think their readers will love that the cheesecakes freeze really well, which makes them it easy for you to have “just one” for dessert and not have a whole large sized cheesecake tempting you every time you open the fridge.Miniature raspberry swirled cheesecake


Would you like to serve these raspberry swirled mini cheesecakes to your family tonight or for a special occasion soon?  You can get the ingredients and directions on this page of Food lions Recipe portal.  Your family will be delighted that you did!

It is very easy to submit a recipe to the website.  Do you love to cook and share your recipes? Be sure to head on over the Food Lion portal to share your recipes too. You will need to sign in with your MVP account or sign up as a MVP member to submit recipes.

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Friday 31st of July 2015

These look so delicious! They're super cute, and I bet if you brought them to a party they'd be gone in minutes!! I can't wait to try them. Thanks for the step by step pictures, they're very helpful. :)



Saturday 1st of August 2015

They were a huge hit at our house!

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