Chill wine with Frozen Grapes

Cool wine is a great drink to have when it’s hot outside, but sometimes we end up with a bottle that has not been chilled yet.  Don’t water down your warm wine with ice cubes.  Keep frozen grapes in the freezer and add them to the warm wine.  It is a great way to chill wine, since it will cool down the wine without watering it down too.Chill wine with frozen grapes. It will cool the wine without watering it down like ice cubes do.

Why Chill wine with grapes? 

This makes so much sense, since wine is made from grapes in the first place. If you keep a bag of frozen grapes in the fridge, you can just use them as needed. You will never again have a warm bottle of white wine!

Frozen grapes also make a great healthy snack too. Double benefit!

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