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Camping Foods – Creative Ideas for Easy Meals

It is getting close to that time of the year again.  We’ll be hitting the roads for some fun summer vacations.  Camping is one of the great ways to share the outdoors with family members.  These camping foods ideas will give you some inspiration and are all easy and fun to do.

These easy campfire recipes will delight your family. Most come together quickly and are very easy to do.

These Camping Foods Ideas are easy and Fun to do.

But having the right food for a camping trip is not just about hot dogs and marshmallows. There are lots of other foods that can be cooked over a campfire to make your camping trip a great one.campfirecooking

All you will need is a camp ground location, a roaring fire and a bit of enthusiasm to turn these delicious ideas into reality.

S'mores for a crowd

One of the highlights of any camping trip is making s’mores. If you have a large crowd you can toast the marshmallows in a large cast iron frying pan and then just let everyone add their own graham crackers and chocolate. Easy peasy!

Fire Grilled Camp Sandwich

Fire Grilled Camp Sandwich. Who would have thought that wrapping a sandwich in aluminum foil could produce such a delicious looking meal?

Fish cooked over a campfireFish cooked in foil on a campfire turns out so moist and tender. Add the lemons and onions right in the packet!

salad in a jar

This healthy idea has a complete layered salad in a mason jar.  The dressing goes in first so that the other ingredients stay fresh. Great idea!

Campfire cinnamon roll ups

These campfire cinnamon roll ups are easy to make, easy to eat and perfect for a fun filled camping morning.

South west scrambled eggs

These southwest scrambled eggs are easy to make over a campfire and super tasty.

camping foodsEasy Campfire popcorn uses the old style Jiffy Pop containers. The kids will love this one.camping foods


What would a camping trip be without campfire s’mores?  Here is a take on the  traditional Campfire delight. This recipe is just two ingredients: Keebler fudge stripe cookies and marshmallows. See how to make them:

Campfire Philly cheesesteak

Just a few ingredients wrapped in foil and 30 minutes on a campfire and you’ve got a campfire Philly cheese steak sandwich. YUM!

camping foodsLooking for a more substantial dessert?  These campfire eclairs looks amazing!  Bet the kids will love these!

More fun Camping Ideas
Indoor Camping Party

If it’s raining and the kids still wish they could go camping, try having an indoor camping party at home!  The kids will think they are having the real deal!

save space in RVs by using square and rectangular containers instead of round ones.Here is a super tip for saving space in RVs when camping.  Use square and rectangular Tupperware containers instead of round ones.

This DIY essential oil mosquito repellent works wonders on bugs on the patio.

No camping trip would be complete without a homemade mosquito repellent. This one uses essential oils and is very easy to make.

What are your favorite easy camping foods ideas?  Please leave your comments below.

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