Silk Free Corn on The Cob – No Shucking and Silk-Free Every Time!

One of my favorite vegetables is fresh corn on the cob.  And one of my least favorite vegetables is corn on the cob with a lot of silk remnants sticking to it. These easy tips show how easy it is to cook silk free corn on the cob every time.

Nothing is worse than biting into an ear of freshly cooked corn and combine away with bits of the silk stuck to your teeth.  Shucking corn won’t remove them all, trust me.  This easy way of cooking the corn leaves the husks on while cooking and then removes the outer husk and silk in one step.

It's easy to get perfect SILK FREE corn every time with these easy tips

Silk Free Corn Every Time

For years, I would tediously shuck the corn and try to peel away all the silk before I cooked it.  I would get most of it, but was sure to leave a few of the silk strands.

corn on the cob

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There is a really easy way to avoid this, and it saves the task of shucking the corn in the first place. Just follow these few tips and you will have clean corn on the cob with no silk, and it will be very moist and flavorful to boot.

  • Microwave the corn, husks and all, for about 3-4 minutes for each ear of corn, depending on the size.
  • Remove the corn from the microwave with a heat mat or silicone oven gloves. The ears will be VERY hot so you need to make sure to protect your hands.
  • With a very sharp knife, cut off the root end of each ear. (not the silk end) at the widest part of the cob. Discard the end.  You will want to make sure that you are cutting all the way through all of the husk, not just the knob at the very end where it joined to the plant.
  • I find it easy to do this task if I insert a long BBQ skewer into the cut end of the corn and holding on to it with one hand and then  grabbing the silk end with the other..
  • Grab the entire tip of the corn where the silks are located tightly and squeeze them.  With a bit of practice the corn cob will simply slip out. If it resists, but give it a bit of a tug with the other hand, or shake it over a plate.

Silk free corn

  • Pour melted butter if desired. I like mine sprinkled with lime and pepper for a more healthy version.
  • Marvel at the silk free corn.

How to have cook easy, silk free corn on the cob every time.

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Have you ever tried this with your corn on the cob?  Did it take you a while to get the knack of it?  Let us know in the comments below.

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