How To Grow Zebra Plants

Growing Tips for Zebra Plants

When I lived in Australia, a zebra plant was always one of the popular indoor plants that I wanted to grow.  I got one and managed to keep it healthy but never could get it to flower.

The botanical name for the Zebra plant is Aphelandra.  The plant is fabulous. It has wonderful foliage and such pretty flowers. The leaves are quite large and have bright silvery veins, which give it the commonly used name for it.

The flowers come in late summer and autumn on a tall flower stem that is long lasting – some can last for up to six weeks.

This is a close up of the lovely flower and striped leaves:

Zebra plant flower

The plant can be a real challenge to grow outside of very temperate areas.  To do well, it needs lots of moisture, plant food and quite a bit of warm weather.

How to Grow Zebra PlantsWhile this is a challenging plant, it is worth a try. Follow these growing tips:

  • Bright Filtered light
  • Water 2-3 times a week
  • Fertilize monthly in the spring, summer and fall with an all purpose plant food.
  • Keep the temperature between 65 and 80 degrees F
  • Rotate the pot often so that it will grow without leaning to the light.
  • Mist frequently to give the plant the humidity it loves.
  • Repot in the spring each year.

Zebra plants will grow to about 3 feet tall if they get the right conditions.  The plant can be propagated by stem cuttings in the spring time, so if you do not have luck with yours, you can try again with pieces of the stem dried out and potted. (bottom heat will give better odds of a new plant forming.)

Zebra plant - AphelandraHave you tried to grow a Zebra plant?  How did you do with yours?

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