How To Grow Dracaena Fragrans – Corn Plant

Dracaena Fragrans – Corn Plant – Makes a great Houseplant

It is not too hard to figure out why Dracaena Fragrans is called The Corn Plant.  The whole plant makes me think of corn growing in my garden, especially when it is grown on one stalk. Indoor plants such as Dracena are large and give a lot of softness to the corner of a room.

Dracaena Fragrans - Corn Plant

More interest comes from the plant when the growing tip is chopped off and it sprouts into many stems.

The leaves are long and glossy with yellow and white stripes on them.   The plant is great indoors, since it is fine with filtered light conditions.  Try to locate the plant somewhere near a window. Too low light will result in the plant losing its stripes.

leaves of Dracaena fragrans - corn plant

Dracaena fragrans is fairly easy to grow indoors.   They make good houseplants because they are tall and narrow, so they fit will into most indoor settings.  And they also have growth that can be controlled fairly easy.  If you don’t have a green thumb, this plant is also easy to grow, since it can withstand a fairly significant amount of abuse from casual indoor gardeners.

How to grow Dracaena Fragrans - Corn Plant.Growing Conditions:

  • Bright filtered light.
  • Water 1-2 times a week – avoid over watering.
  • Fertilize monthly when growing is active.
  • Temps of 60-90 degrees F are ideal.
  • 40% humidity is ideal.
  • Propagation:  Tip cuttings root quite easily.  Stem cuttings will also take.  A rooting hormone powder will increase chances of success with both types of cuttings. 
  • Clean leaves regularly from dust that will settle.
  • Growth is slow but the plant can reach 6 feet tall indoors.

If the plant starts to get tall and spindly, chop off the top. This will result in it sprouting more growing tips as shown below.  I prefer this look to a straight stem. This also keeps the plant to a manageable size.

Dracaena growing tips

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